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I can never seem to beat them (or even one of their Pokemon), and its not because my Pokemon are really weak (they're about the same levels). I have a Magneton, Absol, Swellow, Swampert, and Sableye. What would make it easier to defeat the Gym Leader(s)?

That's the answer to everything ingame battling.

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You should be a few levels above Tate & Liza, not at their level because it's a double battle, meaning they can target one of your Pokemon simultaneously and KO you quicker.

The best thing to do is use Swampert and Absol against Tate & Liza, and teach Absol Shadow Ball, since Ghost is physical in Gen III and Dark is special. Not sure if you get the TM before them or not, so if not, then get Sableye since it learns Shadow Ball by level up. Absol also only gets Bite, which is really rubbish.

Swampert should use Surf, since it won't hit your partner and hits both of your opponents. They also have 3 Pokemon weak to water, so go for that on Swampert. Sableye/ Absol should use Shadow Ball constantly. Light Screen might be set up so watch out for that, but Shadow Ball will bypass it being physical. If you have, give both of your Pokemon a Chesto Berry because Lunatone has Hypnosis.

Watch out for Solrock, because it packs Sunny Day and Solarbeam, but it doesn't have STAB and Solrock has rubbish base 55 sp. atk, so I think Swampert should be able to survive one hit if it's a few levels above.

Xatu will try and spam calm minds and/or use confuse ray, and it'll proceed to sweep you if you let it set up. Do whatever's possible to get rid of Xatu first. If Absol still has Taunt, use that against them to prevent set up.

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Start the battle with Swellow and Swampert. Team them up to knock out claydol as it's earthquake is more of a threat to your team. Go for Solrock, the moment it's released so it cannot bother your team with flamethrower and solarbeam.

The point i'm getting to is keep Xatu and Lunatone for last as they pack only psychic type moves and therefore should be easy work for your 2 Dark types and 1 Steel-type, more specifically Magneton for Xatu and Absol with Shadow Ball for Lunatone. Lunetone may spam Cosmic Power but as long as you have at least one-on-one Lunatone vs Absol/Sableye, you will win as Lunatone's only attack moves are Psychic and Dream Eater. (it worked for me, when I was left with Mightyena vs Lunatone)