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Everytime I’m losing to them for the earthquake attack or the psychobeam

My Pokemon

1) MINUN level 32
Moves: Dynamic Punch, Shockwave, Thunderbolt, Spark

2) SWELLOW level 39
Moves: Fly, Wing Attack, Peck, Aerial Ace

3) PELIPPER level 38-
Moves: Surf, Swallow, Ice beam, Steel Wing

4) MIGHTYENA level 30
Moves: Sand Attack, Swagger, Bite, Roar

5) ABSOL level 29
Moves: Quick Attack, Razor Wing, Bite, Swords Dance

6) BLAZIKEN level 38
Moves: Overheat, Cut, Peck, Blaze Kick

If I throw Mightyena or Absol Minun the Earthquake takes them in one shot.
And if I throw Swellow, Pelipper, Blaziken then pyscho beam takes them in one shot.
What am I supposed to do?
Feeling very frustrated
Please help.

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There is only one shadow ball TM in this game. Do you want to teach it to Absol?

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Minun and Mightyena will not be very useful against Tate and Liza or any of the battles after that. Having 2 flying Pokemon is also not good, so I recommend putting Mightyena, Swellow, and Minun in a PC box.

If you're willing to use your one shadow ball TM, teach it to Absol and forget razor wind. (it's in Mt. Pyre if you haven't already picked it up) Your Absol is also at a very low level, so give it an exp. share (you can get one from Mr. Stone in Rustboro), make sure it's not fainted, and defeat trainers with Absol in your party. You should get enough experience if you defeat every trainer on routes 120 through 131, and your Absol should be able to use swords dance once and use shadow ball to OHKO each of their 4 Pokemon. If you still can't win, give the exp. share back to Absol and keep battling Tate and Liza until you get more experience and can win.

If you don't want to use your one shadow ball TM on Absol, then Absol will not be useful against Tate and Liza. Put Absol in a PC box. Go to the move deleter in Lilycove and make Blaziken forget cut, then go to the move reminder in Fallarbor and teach double kick. Defeat all those trainers on routes 120 through 131 using only Blaziken and Pelipper. Then you should be able to use overheat and ice beam on Xatu and repeatedly use surf against their 3 Pokemon with water weaknesses.

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Why use Pelipper?
Pelipper is ouclassed by Swellow and Sharpedo.
Unlike Swellow, Pelipper can learn surf, which is super effective against 3 of their Pokemon. Unlike Sharpedo, the Pokemon gamer person already has a high level Pelipper, so using that costs less experience than using a Sharpedo.
As far as I know, you can fish up a Sharpedo using a Super Rod in Mossdeep, it cames at level 40 I guess (2 levels higher than his Pelipper)
https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mossdeep_City says the maximum level is 35, and getting that maximum level is very rare and usually takes a lot of time.
Comparing Sharpedo and Pelipper stats, Sharpedo has a base Sp. Atk of 95 while Pelipper has a base Sp. Atk of 85, which means Sharpedo's Surf will do more damage than Pelipper's.
That is if they have the same level and EVs. Getting them to have the same level and EVs will take a lot of time.
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Get TM30 (Shadow Ball) in Mt. Pyre then teach it to Absol then fight Tate and Liza and use Swords Dance 1 or 2 times and then sweep their team with Shadow Ball.

After that go to the Move Deleter to remove Cut and Peck from your Blaziken and go to the Move Reminder if you have Heart Scales to re-teach Double Kick since you can't get your Blaziken to learn Sky Uppercut at the moment, keep Double Kick until you reach level 59 to learn Sky Uppercut and then re-teach Bulk Up if you want to increase your Attack and Defense in battle.

Replace Mightyena with Sharpedo because Mightyena is outclassed by Sharpedo, Sharpedo has high Speed and a pretty high Sp. Atk.

Item: Whatever
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Attack
Nature: Whatever
Ice Beam

Sharpedo and Mightyena are both outclassed by Absol.
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First of all, you are insanely underlevelled. Tate and Liza have level 41/42 level. You should aim to get your team to levels 42-46. I'd recommend grinding up your Absol, and catching a Wailmer. The Twin's Pokemon are weak to Water type moves and Dark types, which these two have. I recommend Absol over Mightyena due to Dark types being Special in Gen 3, and Absol has higher Special Attack than Mightyena.

Basically, first focus on grinding up Absol.

Next, it's good to acknowledge that Tate and Liza's Pokemon are weak to Water Types. Unfortunately, Pelipper doesn't learn any more water moves for a long time. It would be more worthwhile to catch and train a Wailmer. It's extremely bulky and learns many water-type attacks, and evolves before the ideal level range. I'd recommend replacing either Mightyena, Pelipper or Minun. The first two due to the type overlap, Minun because it's frail and won't do much later on, but ultimately, it's up to you.

Good Luck!

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"Very few that are weak to flying"
What about Wallace's Ludicolo? That thing is annoying to beat.
Both Sharpedo and Wailord can learn Ice Beam and both Wailord and Sharpedo have high base Sp. Atk than Pelipper.
And Crobat outclasses Pelipper and Swellow, having double resistance to Fighting and Grass and more resistances.
@Blaziken Wallace's Ludicolo is just one Pokemon. Drake has 4 Pokemon that are weak to ice. Replacing Pelipper with another Pokemon will cost more time and experience. In this situation, it's probably easiest to continue using Pelipper.
Poison resists grass, bug, fighting, and poison, but almost nobody uses any of those types of moves. Sludge bomb is weaker than return and super effective against less stuff compared to surf and ice beam.
sumwun why are you @ing me this whole thing is between you and blaziken please don’t mistake him with me
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