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I need a very powerful Pokemon to defeat Tate and Liza.


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  1. No, You can't catch rayquaza before the Seventh gym leader in emerald

  2. 'You have to beat the 8th gym leader.

  3. Why do you choose an answer that is wrong? Dont you think it would have been to easy if you catch the lv 70 Rayquaza and use it against a gym with lv 40 Pokemon?

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What about the eighth?
I'll add more to help you catch rayquaza
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No, you can't. Sky Pillar only opens to you after you've defeated the E4.

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I remember taking out half the Elite Four with Rayquaza. I think you are incorrect.
This is actually incorrect for Emerald version. Sky Pillar opens up for the whole Kyogre&Groudon crisis events. So you can capture and use Rayquaza before the Elite 4.
So I wasn't on drugs! Yay!
Really? I remember playing Emerald and I couldn't get into Sky Pillar before E4. Maybe my game was glitched or something.
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No, you can only catch Rayquaza after you've beat the 7th gym and have gone to Sootopolis and completed the event with Kyogre/Groudon.

So I can get it before the eighth?
yes you can, but if you forget to save and battle it and it faints you will have to wait until you beat the Elite Four.
You have to beat the 8th gym....
I need a for-sure answer to know if I should train or not!