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As in a good level and strategy.

My Pokemon I'm using are:
-Torterra (Lv. 49)
-Gastrodon (Lv.48)
-Luxray (Lv. 50)
-Rapidash (Lv.49)
-Staraptor (Lv.48)
-Dialga (Lv.52)
-Torterra (Lv. 46)
-Gastrodon(Lv. 45)
-Rapidash (Lv. 46)

Your team needs to be at a higher level. For both games, you team needs to be around level 60 if you want to defeat the E4/ Champion with ease.

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To be honest, with a giritina, just overtrain. it's not hard, find a good spot and just train, and train, and train for a while. also give specific moves to each Pokemon (if you can) to try to beat the elite 4. There are videos where people take that game on with a magikarp. if they can do it with that, you can do it with this.

What about Diamond, and what about other pokemon to back up Giratina? Also, I need a good srategy to use...
there really is no strategy ingame. Basically, as long as you overtrain you've won,
Really... Then how come I have my own strategies in ingame... Not these for the Elite four, but I have strategies for everything else.
Well, then, that is for like battle tower. That is a bit different. Just in general, you should just level grind, and use type advantage.
... (Filler)
When I beated the champion in platinum I had Giratina lv 63 and Torterra lv 69.
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In Diamond for the first Elite Aaron use primarily Rapidash, Staraptor, and Gastrodon. Rapidash will more then likely KO or 2KO most of the bug Pokemon (depending on the nature).

Staraptor is for any bug types, so your Rapidash doesn't use to many PP or takes much damage if it uses a Fire Type move that misses (Fire Blast) or cause damage onto itself (Flare Blitz).

Gastrodon counters Drapion the best since it resists it's stab moves and can tank the other 3. Therefore I suggest a Ice type move on Gastrodon (i.e. Earthquake).

For Bertha stick with Torterra and Gastrondon and basically spam Grass and Water type moves depending if the Pokemon is water type or not. Grass> Water/Any type she uses.
Water> Everytihng else.
Start With Torterra since her first is Quagsire.

Honeslty your Gastrodon is gonna be your main Pokemon lol. With Flint start out with and use Water/Ground/Ice to wipe out half the team. You can give him/her and break and switch to Luxray for Driftblim but do not use Physical moves or you'll take damage from aftermath. Staraptor can more then likely handle Lopunny with an Arial Ace followed by Close Combat.

Note: Do not use Staraptor on Infernape. It's faster and can KO with ThunderPunch.

Luxray and Torrterra, will be the most useful with Lucian. Luxray and Torrterra both have access to Crunch and therefore can hit hard on most of Lucian's team and 2KO-3KO more then likely. Medicham and Bronzong are the only real trouble.

Luxray can handle Mecicham the best as it get hits neutrally by all it's attacks and can hit with a Electric-STAB move.

Bronzong is gonna be tough to finish off so I suggest Torrterra as it Leech Seed or Synthesis to heal off any damage and keep attacking. If it is to faint but it's taken enough damage (and Lucian has no more Full Restores) finish it off with Staraptor Close Combact.

The same goes for the team in Platinum except for a few differences.

For Aaron:
1.) Take out Yanmega as fast as possible (Staraptor Brave Bird no not Arial Ace)
2.) Try to Save Rapidash for Scizor.

1.) Use Gastrodon on Gliscor
2.) Use Water Type Special Move on Rhyperior as it can sometimes tank EarthQuake and proceed to Avalanche.

1.) Stat of with Staraptor to take on Houndoom
2.) Spam Water on his team with Gastrodon. If he begins to use Solarbeam switch out and use Staraptor or something else than can outrun and finish off.

Pretty Much the same concept just replace Medicham with Gallade and be wary of Stone Edge because a Critical will most likely KO. Use Physical Electric type moves on it instead of Special as it can tank those.

That's about it hope I helped 'Guide' you though it.

Thank you! This'll be very helpful for strategy!
No prob.....um mind making it the answer to your comment?
One question, how is earthquake an ice type move?
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Both of your teams have a good type coverage, but I would suggest raising your Pokemon to level 60 or 65, probably 65 because Cynthia's strongest Pokemon is a higher level in diamond than platinum. You don't particularly have to worry about a strategy that's too complex, as long as your Pokemon have type coverage against each of the elite you should be able to sweep through it pretty easily.

I hope this helps!

This was posted at the same time as tazzie's.
thanks, this'll help on level!
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Rapidash should kill the first elite four and second torrtera and Gastrodon shouldn't have a problem at all and third elite for Gastrodon should be kill flint. and teach luxray crunch and use against the last elite four. Make sure Pokémon are 55 and over cause Cynthia can be a problem spiritomb easy to beat her miltoic something worry about.

This was posted at the same time as tazzie's.
to kill molotic just luxray electric( if it is still alive)
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You need to train more. Your Pokemons levels are a bit too low for you to be able to beat the elite four without any worries.
The first elite four member you will battle is a bug type trainer, then ground, then fire, psychic and then there's Cynthia that has a Spiritomb, Gastrodon, Milotic, Roserade, Lucario and Garchomp.
You actually have a pretty balanced team in terms of typing but as I said the levels are too low.
Train your Pokemon some more until they reach at least level 60.
I also suggest getting some fast Pokemon or at least train them until they can over run the Elite four's Pokemon because that wil help a lot!
Also don't forget to buy a lot of revives and hyper potions/full restores!

You're welcome :-D And Good Luck!