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I caught a level 23 Swinub in the Ice Path, and I want to use it, so I need to train it, so far, I've shredded out 3 levels (after a freaking hour) and I need help. Where do I train it.

DO NOT: tell me to use an Exp Share, because I will seriously cut your face off >.> Jk, I've done that already :D

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Well I'd say train it at Ice Path till about level 30
Then train at Seafoam Islands for a couple levels, and continue training there or go to Victory Road.
Or you can just go rebattle those trainers who've registered their numbers
Alternatively, this is going to get my face cut off but Exp Share. >:D (Assuming you have like. Completed the Elite4 which means fast exp lol)

Source: http://www.dragonflycave.com/hgsstraining.aspx

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Seafoam Islands are in Kanto, and therefore after E4...? Unless I seriously missed something while playing HG.
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Ok, there is no really good one location, but there are several that can fit after each other.

Start of at Route 48 or/and Route 44. The Pokemon are in their early 20s and are Grass/Flying/Normal types so you shouldn't have to much of a issue to gain exp here. Beware that there are some Fire types at Route 48, so be careful.
When you feel ready, move on to Route 45 where the Pokemon are in their late/middle 20s. There are mostly Ground or Normal types here so you might have more trouble here.
Then move on to Victory Road where the foes are around Lv 30. After that, I suppose it's just the E4 left, that's Lv 40+. Hope this helped abit!

Could I perhapsly have my face back now?

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At the risk of losing my face, I would really suggest Exp. share; I know you said not to say that, but I tried to train my Swinub without one (and he had good IVs; all stats above 20), but because Swinub is the lowest in its evolution chain, he wasn't strong enough to take stuff on by himself, and the stuff Swinub can take on will give peanuts in terms of experience. I trained up until 37 without evolving him into Piloswine, just so he could get E-Quake earlier, evolved, retaught Ancient Power, then trained w/o Exp. Share and evolved into Mamoswine.

Since you should be around Clair's gym right now, there is actually a really nice place to train on Route 47 (with Swinub holding Exp. Share). Go to that route, and then go into one of the caves, just after the hiker you've fought. There should be some bloke just standing there, go down the ladder, then out of the cave. Surf, turn west, and go up that huge waterfall. Go straight, and turn right. There should be a small patch of grass plus some headbutt-able trees there, and most Pokemon there are level 30+ and give decent experience. The Miltanks are tough, but will give around 1k exp. each.

HGSS is such a pain of a game to level up in. You just need to put in more time than most other games, simply because the level curb is ridiculous.