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I'm going to be doing alot of training and i need some good spots to do so. DO NOT INCLUDE ELITE FOUR.
I'm after the first e4 and i just barely did the e4 the second time.

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  • the sport domes in nimbasa

  • game freak hq. ( you find a guy with 75-77 )

  • inside giant chasm 60-67

  • cynthia in springtime (undella town) 75-77

  • the riches house (undella town)

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Well, the only places I know that are good to train at are the Sports Domes in Nimbasa.
There should be Level 60s or so there. If you're lucky, you may come across a Doctor who has a Level 65 Audino. I would recommend having Exp Power ++ on at that point with Lucky Egg attached, seeing as you can get a total of around 28,000 Exp from that.

Sorry, it's the only place I know of...