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Drayden has a lv. 43 Haxorus, but Fraxure doesn't evolve to Haxorus until lv. 48. How did Drayden get that?
Is there any explanation to this, or is it just to make the game harder?

Well you can catch a lv 59 hydreigon at victory road in x y...
Maybe they want their Pokémon to be more 'imtimidating' I guess?I mean,facing an unevolved Pokémon which is the strongest of the last gym leader is really underwhelming imo

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There are a few reasons that pop to my mind, actually:

1 - Pokedex Completion

Certain Pokemon can not be obtained without trading, so this makes it easier for trainers to encounter them. Good Guy GameFreak decided to help all the trainers out there (specially Generation 1 and 2, where trading was not as evolved and commonplace as it is now).

2- Intimidation

Directly quoting Lucas, who has come all the way from Sinnoh (lulz ), having a Pokemon of the final stage is essential for Gym Leaders to 'establish dominance'. Not really, but you know, having the final stage shows power and commitment and so on and so forth.

3 - Corollary to ^

However, having under levelled evolution is weird. Why continue, then?

Simply this: Trainers at that part of the game are still too weak to actually defeat the obviously stronger stage 3 Pokemon to win (comfortably) at the correct at which it evolves, and it makes the game so much more harder. Not cool for the 'pros', but remember, a lot of people are beginners.

Solution? Good Guy GameFreak decides to bend the rules to help out all the newbies. Better have them question poor/ wrong levelled evolutions than crib about a game they can't beat (Darks Souls: II, and Takeshi's Challenge have that covered as well), right?

Those are, of course, just my observations. Of course, the actual GameFreak reason might differ.

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Will add more reasons as I think of them.
gym leaders are supposed to be above average trainers so maybe they show that skill by having early evolutions.  plus leveling is a game mechanic, if we actually lived in the pokemon world there wouldn't be levels, just training and being friends with the pokemon(or running the equivalent of a puppy mill for some of us)
You make some really good points. I mean, really good. I think you should definitely answer this on your own, and your answer may be more helpful to OliDSi as well. If not, then, can I *please* borrow your statement and edit it in? (With credit, of course.)
sure, was just adding on to what you'd already put