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OK, 10 days until Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out, and I heard some really bad news (hopefully just a rumor). I heard that there will be no Gym Leaders, Elite Four, or Champion in Sun and Moon!!!
Someone tell me that this is not true! PLEASE!!!
I know some people think that this is a good thing, because gym leaders can be a pain in the @$$, and I agree, but sometimes I enjoy making fun of the way some of them look (Wilkstrom- Kalos Elite four looks... queer, I could never tell if Bugsy- Johto gym leader- was a boy or girl [lmao] until recently I noticed it refered to him as "he" and "him", and Crasher Wake of Sinnoh is just an all around champ for looks) and they make the game what it is.

Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?
Please tell me it's not true!!!
Thanks in advance ;)

(Ps. I sincerely apologize for the excessive amount of exclamation marks, I'm very passionate about this subject, sorry)

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Gyms are replaced by trials, and im pretty sure there will still be an elite 4.
Surprised you didn't know. No, there are no gyms in Sun and Moon, they are replaced by Trials which are somewhat similar. However, the most recent trailer reveals the Elite Four is still in Sun and Moon (probably).
I was disappointed about Gym Leaders, but I guess it's a good 20th anniversary surprise woohoo
Well, we know the League is being constructed in Sun/Moon, there's no confirmation of there actually being an Elite Four yet.
In my opinion, the female gym leaders are all the more reason for me to run a riot that anime women & girls should start WEARING PANTS AND SHIRTS.

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There actually is an Elite Four and champion in Sun and Moon and US/UM. Their Pokemon are at levels 54-58.

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Sorry. There are no gym leaders, elite 4, and champion. Instead, there is something even better(in my opinion):

Island trials.I'm not so sure about how it will be exactly, but it is something about taking pictures of Pokemon and facing a super powerful totem Pokemon at the end of the trial. There are 4 islands. Each has a trial captain and a kahuna. 1 Kahuna lead each island. Trial captains will tell you need to do. If you want to know more, you can download the demo. In the demo, it teaches you how to play, and shows you how the game will be. It usually lasts 15 minutes. Plus, you get to see ash-greninja. But, the recent trailer reveals the elite 4 and battle tree. So, there might be an elite 4.

hope I helped.

There will probably be an elite 4 made up of the kahunas.
I hope so. I think Professor Kukui will be the champion.
nice predictions!