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Crasher wake comes from crashing waves, malva, who is part of team flare, has the suffix mal- in her name. This is used when something is bad or evil (now you know why malamar was the antagonist in episode 19 in X/Y?). What are the origins for all of them

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She was formerly Team Flare? Come to think of it, the mannerisms make it abundant.

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Here are the etymologies for the Elite Four:


  • Lorelei: Japanese name is Kanna, possibly derived from Kan, which is cold.
  • Bruno: From brute, possibly.
  • Agatha: Possibly from the word aghast (let's face it, she looks like a ghost)
  • Lance: Possibly from a lance, used by knights, who fought dragons in legends and fairy tales.


  • Will: From willpower, which is basically mental strength.
  • Koga: From Kogaryu, a ninja school.
  • Karen: Dunno really, contains the last five letters of 'darken' perhaps.


  • Sidney: From sinister, insidious, sadness or something along those lines.
  • Phoebe: From phobia, or even phantom.
  • Glacia: From glacier, a large chunk of ice.
  • Drake: From Dragon.
  • Steven: Second name is Stone. Fairly obvious.
  • Wallace: Wallow maybe. A way of crying, may refer to water.


  • Aaron: From arachnid, the phylum to which spiders belong.
  • Bertha: Rearrange the letters, and you will get earth.
  • Flint: From the flint stone, which can produce fire on rubbing.
  • Lucian: Derived from Latin lux ("light"). It's similar to illusion or hallucination.
  • Cynthia: Possibly from champion.


  • Shauntal: From haunt.
  • Grimsley: From Grim.
  • Marshall: From martial, which really comes from martial arts.
  • Caitlin: Dunno. Maybe from Cattleya, a type of orchid.


  • Malva: 'Mal', a prefix for evil, referring to her being a Team Flare official.
  • Siebold: Japanese name is Zumi, which can be rearranged to mizu, Japanese for water.
  • Wikstrom: No clue, the closest we get is the Wikstroemia plant.
  • Drasna: From dragon.
  • Diantha: From the genus Dianthus, which is derived from the Greek words for god and flower

As for Gym leaders, refer here.
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Brock- as in Rock
Misty as in Mist
Lt. Surge as in Lieutenant, a military rank and electrical surge.
Erika- a species of flowers
Koga from Koga Ryu a school of ninjutsu
Janine - ninja with syllables reversed
Sabrina- sounds like Abra or Brain( or a reference to the teenage witch)
Blaine- as in Blaze or Flame
Giovanni- as in Geo
Falkner- as in a Falcon trainer
Bugsy- as in Bug
Whitney- as in white
Morty- From Latin, Mortis, Death or mortuary
Chuck- a reference to Chuck Norris
Janine-a jasmine is a sweet flower and the mine refers to mining
Pryce- as in Ice
Clair- rhymes with lair as in Dragon's lair
Roxanne- as in Rock
Brawly- refers to Brawl
Wattson- as in Electric Watts
Flannery- from Flame
Norman- as In Normal
Winona-from Winnow, wing or Wind
Tate and Liza- from Levitate
Wallace- from Water
Roark- As in Rock
Gardenia- as in Gardening
Maylene- as in Melee
Crasher Wake- as in Crashing Waves
Fantina-a pun on phantom.
Byron- from Iron
Candice- Latin for Candida, which means shining white and as in ice
Volkner- as in Volt
Cilan - From Cilantro
Cress- from Watercress
Chili- from chili pepper
Lenora- Possibly from Normal
Burgh- from Bug
Elesa- from Electric
Clay- (obviously) from Clay
Skyla- (again obvious ) from Sky
Brycen- from Ice
Drayden-from dragon and den

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