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The original question was vague, so I re-worded it. Hope that's OK.
ah, this question makes me remember when i got to pokemon. i was using a level 62 balziken and a level 50+ groudon, and the rest is either level 30+ or 40+. and i dont know how this happen but plusle is my third best pokemon, better than aggron:/. and the one who ended the champion is a level 40 something wailord, because of the champion claydol just use reflect and light screen again again and again. why am i feel so nostalgic?

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I recommend using Swampert because it's the best Pokemon in the game. It's a starter, so it's easy to obtain and raise. Swampert has great stats and one of the best defensive type combinations. It can use 3 moves to hit all of Drake's Pokemon and 5 of Steven's Pokemon super effectively.

Swampert @ soft sand/mystic water/never melt ice
EVs: 100 SpA
- earthquake
- surf
- ice beam
- return

If you want to use more than one Pokemon for some weird reason, then I guess you can use Gardevoir to hit Glacia's Sealeos and Walrein and Steven's Skarmory. I think Gardevoir is the best thunderbolt user in the game because it learns calm mind. At +1 special attack, Gardevoir's thunderbolt is already stronger than Manectric's and almost as strong as Magneton's. At +2, Gardevoir's thunderbolt is significantly stronger than both Manectric's and Magneton's.

Gardevoir @ shell bell
Ability: Trace is slightly better because it can trace Glacia's Sealeo's thick fat, but it really doesn't matter. You can stop searching for a trace Ralts when you find a synchronize Ralts.
EVs: 100 Spe
- psychic
- calm mind
- thunderbolt
- reflect

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In my opinion, the best Pokemon to go in the elite four, excluding legendaries, is

  • Walriegn
  • Absol/Zangoose
  • Aggron
  • Manectric
  • Flygon
  • Any Starter (Swampert is best for Ruby/Sapphire)

Walriegn is a great jack of all trades Pokemon, and can really sweep through Drake's team with ice beam. Absol/ Zangoose are excellent physical sweepers, give them swords dance, facade, and shadow ball for sure. Aggron makes a great physical tank, amd can hit hard back with earthquake, Iron tail, and Double Edge, be sure it has the Rock Head ability. Manectric helps with Glacia's annoying Walriegn. Flygon can assist in taking out Drake, but it doesn't learn earthquake via level up in gen 3.

you spelt walrein wrong
Movesets and held items would be useful.
whats up with that walrein spelling? you should change that and like HT said, put moveset and if you could held items are nice
Aggron has low HP and special defense, its weaknesses are common, and its STAB move is super effective against Glacia's Glalies and nothing else in the Pokemon League. Flygon's weaknesses are also common.
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Before challenging the elite 4 stock up on revives and hyper potions.

You didn't specify a team or not, so I would say catch rayquaza at the sky pillar. It will be level 70 and you need the mach bike to get to the top of it. rayquaza will know outrage, rest, fly and extremespeed.

You can give it any held item you want.

You can OHKO everything on Sidney's team with outrage.

Phoebe can be beaten by spamming outrage as well, but watch out for the second dusclops because it knows ice beam. Also make sure the first dusclops doesn't stall out all of outrage's pp with protect.

Glacia is harder because she has ice moves, but she also likes to set up hail early even though rayquaza's ability negates it. You can beat her by teaching rayquaza the thunderbolt TM obtained by doing the new Mauville side quest, because 3/5 of her team is weak to electric.

If you somehow can't beat the glalies by using outrage then teach it the overheat TM that Flannery gives you or fire blast from the Lilycove department store.

Drake is easily beaten by spamming outrage of course because the whole team is weak to dragon.

Steven can be beaten by teaching rayquaza surf because half of his team is weak to it. He will lead with skarmory which dies to thunderbolt, and metagross can be killed with overheat. Cradily can be beaten by a flying move or outrage, preferably fly because that hit's on cradily's weaker defence. If you still can't beat Steven with rayquaza alone then the rest of your team must be a high level by now and can deal with him.

Also make sure to fully heal/revive rayquaza between each elite four member and the champion.

Hope this helps if you haven't beaten them already.

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I personally believe a team of only Salamence Hariyama Exploud and Swampert is the best strategy here's why

Exploud is a very diverse Pokemon move pool wise with an outstanding hp stat and solid mixed attacking stats it can make use of its diverse movepool. Its frail but its hp stat backs it up and being normal type give it only a weakness to fighting.


Flamethrower/Fire Blast
Shadow Ball
Blizzard/Ice Beam

Location:Rusturf Tunnel


Brick Break
Bulk Up
Rock Tomb

Hariyama is a really good fighting type with immense bulk and high attack stat it can take hits well and dish them out with the psychical coverage it has and access to bulk up making it a good psychical sweeper and can take hits thanks to its outstanding HP stat.

Location:Granite Cave


Ice Beam

Swampert is the DOOM Slayer of Hoenn as its typing, water/ground gives it only one weakness being grass and that can be countered by Explouds Ice/Fire type coverage mainly Sidneys Dark/Grass types that can also be countered by Hariyama with its fighting stab. Its very defensive and has a high attack stat and good enough special attack to use its Water-STAB and its Ice type coverage however access to stab-earthquake means it can make use of its high attack stat same with having strength for neutral coverage. (P.S Pior to D/P there was no special/psychical split meaning all water type moves are special in gen 3 so keep that in mind)


Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace
Flamethrower/Fire Blast

Salamance is the key to bringing a rain of chaos on the E4, High attacking stats and incredible speed this will tear apart most of the E4. Although its tough to raise from Bagon its worth it as you will have a Pokemon that could solo the E4 (although I wouldn't recommend that its risky so go with the other team members to make it easier)

Have fun ripping and tearing the E4 until its done.

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Just because a video is the first Google result doesn't mean it's correct. There are some people who think using a level 60 Swampert is easier than raising anything to level 74.
Eh true with the team I built up it will make it easier that's why I didn't go with just exploud since exploud can't take hits well even with an outstanding hp stat
So why don't you just use Swampert and Hariyama? Why does your team need 3 Pokemon on it?
This is just something I'd like to bring up as a suggestion, but I personally find that Exploud should use Return over Shock Wave, as if Exploud's Attack and Sp. Attack stats are the same, STAB Return with max happiness will always deal more damage than a Super Effective Shock Wave. I'd also replace Swampert's Strength with Return, as if Swampert is at max happiness, Return will be at 102 BP which is stronger than Strengths 80 BP. You can get two Return TMs in R/S/E, so both Pokemon can learn it.
I didn't think of that before typing out this answer. I know you can get 2 Return TMs in R/S/E, but I put Strength on it because it's a necessary HM move and I wanted to make more use of Exploud's special attack stat. I will update the team a bit, thanks for correcting me.