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My team are Serperior, Chandelure, Krookodile, Beartic, Sigilyph and Simipour. I am doing really well with them and are training them all to their 50s but I was just wondering if they are the right sort of team to use. If anyone would be awesome enough to answer, I'd be really greatful to hear any reccomendations of moves for them, who to use for which Elite, and whether I should change some of them around and use a better Pokemon instead. Serperior's moves are grass, Chandelure possesses Fire moves and a Ghost move, Krookodile is Dark and Ground, Beartic has Ice moves as well as Toxic, Sigilyph has flying and psychic moves, and Simipour has one dark move as well as 3 strong water moves. Any help, advice or tips would be brilliant!

Sorry it's not an answer but from reading other answers of this sort it is best to have as many different types of moves, not three grass and one ghost on your grass type, I could be like one grass, one ghost etc. Open to correction which I no doubt will get
You need these main types to take down the elite-four:
psychic                              keep reading

my team that I took down the elite-four at the time was :
hydregion          evolve from denio-zweliouse
haxorus              evolve from axew-fraxure
archechops         evolve from fossil bird (plume fossil)
serperior               you already have
zebstrika              evolve from blitzle
emboar                evolve from fire starter        (traded)

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We have alot of work to do.

Starting with.....

Leaf Blade ( STAB )
Coil ( Nice stat boosting, and you can't get swords dance till post elite four )
Light Screen ( Excelent move, that works well with serpirior's nice speed )
Reflect ( Same purpose as light screen ( only for physical moves )

Honestly, you don't need more than one move of the same type on a pokemon ( This is discluding stat boosters )

Flame Burst ( Once again, you can't really access flamethrower until post elite four. )
Shadow Ball ( If you didn't pick it up in the relic castle thats where its at, and STAB )
Flame Charge ( not alot of good moves are accesable right now that work for him, this is NOT meant to do damage, just to raise speed for sweeping )
Calm Mind ( Stat Boost )

After you finish the elite four, take out flame charge for energy ball. but for now you can live with having something to boost your speed so you can sweep

Earthquake ( STAB )
Crunch ( STAB )
Brick Break ( Beats the dark type guy )
Dragon Claw ( This is specifically for fighting N and Ghetsis, both who wield for strong dragon types, if you get reshiram, ghetsis's hydreigon isn't as bad, but if you got zekrom, you will definetily need krookodile to handle him. )

Bulldoze ( You don't have access to E-Quake yet. )
Icesikle Crash ( I know I spelt that wrong... STAB )
Shadow Claw ( Ghost person, and psychic person )
Ariel Ace ( coverage )

Psychic ( STAB )
Air Slash ( STAB )
Shadow Ball ( Coverage )
Calm Mind ( Stat booster )

Surf ( STAB )
Focus Blast ( For the Dark guy )
Blizzard ( No access to ice beam yet, but ice beam would be better post elite four )
Dig ( Coverage )

Alot of these move sets would be alot better if you were post elite four.

Don't know where to find some of the Tm's I suggested?


I'm pretty sure I didn't put anything down that wasn't accesible for you yet.

This was a really great answer, thank you soooo much! You are a lifesaver!!!
Haha, thanks. Just trying to help :D
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You might want to level your pokemon up about five levels and that should do it because well I wont ruin the surprise at the end lets just say your not against the champion just yet and...

Shuantal has the following pokemon:
Cofagrigus-ghost lv 48
Chandelure-ghost/fire lv 50
Golurk-ground/ghost lv 48
Jellicent-water/ghost lv 48
make sure you have a pokemon with dark type moves
Grimsly has the following pokemon:
scrafy-dark/fighting- lv 48
krookadile-ground/dark- lv 48
bisharp-steel/dark- lv 50
lieapard-dark- lv 48
make sure to have a pokemon with fighting type moves
Catilin has the following pokemon: (in my opinion she looks like beonca)
Reuniclus-psychic-lv 48
musharna-psychic-lv 48
sigilyph-psychic/flying-lv 50
gothitelle-psychic-lv 48
make sure to have a pokemon with ghost type moves
Marshal has the following pokemon:
throh-fighting-lv 48
sawk-fighting- lv 48
mienshoa- fighting- lv 50
conkeldurr-fighting- lv 48
make sure to have a pokemon with flying and psychic moves
Conkeldurr is the strongest pokemon of marshal watch out for hammer arm he took my lv 90 pokemon with it AT THAT LEVEL
This was all really useful, thankyou! I don't have any fighting type moves and I haven't found any TMs either. Can you maybe reccomend a couple of moves I could teach my Pokemon that would be good to use against Grimsley? Again, thanks :)
Well the best fighting type move is brick breaker if you cant get that then look for tm 56 focus blast it is very powerful and you might need a few pp ups cause it only has 5 pp and try hammer arm like conkeldurr I don't know where to find hammer arm if you can I suggest you add one of these moves to krookadile
Oh and just to let you know the champion who you don't go against yet has level 70-80 pokemon
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Your team is set for greatness. I have no suggestions