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Okay here I am again - BigSmiles - with something on White that I'm stuck on (AGAIN - sorry!). I've just been through the tedious process of beating the Elite Four, catching Zekrom, fighting N and then Ghetsis, one after the other. I understand that now, I have to continue past either Opelucid City or Nimbasa City, but there is a problem. The trainers past Opelucid are all in their 60s and I'm still in the 50's so where is an oppourtunity to level up? And another really stupid thing is that I tried going from Nimbasa instead, but as I've never been down that route, all the trainers have, like, level 20 Pokemon. I'm puzzled and unsure of what to do now! My initiative told me I just need to train up my team and go from Opelucid, but where can I train and is it possible to battle the Elite 4 again with their level 50 Pokemon as a way of training? Please can someone be kind enough to fill me in, and possibly explain why I am so confused. For a start, I wish White had made it clearer what you're supposed to do, but for now, I posted a question here to get some ideas. Thank you so much!

Yeah that happened to me to but I just beat them and got exp.

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Unfortunately, that's just how it is, there is a big jump after beating the Elite 4.

First, I would recommend starting from home and exploring areas you haven't already, such as Route 17 and 18. And the Dreamyard basement has just opened up (be careful - the trainers are quite high level there). You will fine some of the 7 sages along the way, and gain a few exp on the lower level Pokemon (every little helps!)

Then, go east from Opelucid City and follow that route. I did the opposite way and the Pokemon got lower and lower level, so I think from Opelucid is the way you're supposed to do it.

Thank you! Yes I was so confused! Your answer was really helpful, thank you so much! Just 2 more questions - roughly how high are the Dreamyard trainer's Pokemon (approximately) and can I train again and again on the Elite 4 to get more EXP? Thank you for your answer!!! :D
Actually, the dreamyard trainers are pretty high level.
But if your Pokemon are truly strong, and you know how to fight, you can beat them! You'll just have to heal a lot and take a lot of hits.
(Also, if you want to catch Musharna, show up on Fridays!)

And l do NOT suggest you battle the Elite Four again...
they will be Lv 75s or so.
l think you should keep going along the path past Opelucid and battle the wild Pokemon in the grass, they're pretty high level!
Looool yes I will do just that. I tried the elite four once and killed 2 of the first person's pokemon.. didn't last long. I am using items and such to help me level up my team on the wild. Im also going to Opelucid every day to train inside the triple battle house. Thanks guys :)