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I have noticed and though it hasnt started bothering me until now that the unova elite 4 has 4 types and as you know their positions:
Bottom left: shauntal Top left grimsley Top right: caitlin Bottom right Marshal.
Ok by now if you know about the elite four you would get it but it seems that the top is super effective to the bottom and the diagonal bottom is super effective to that on the other side whilst one side is unnafective (not hitting at all) to the other side. Is this a coincidence all together or is the elite 4 planned this way?

maybe planned this way :D

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Game freak probably planned it this way to force you to have different Pokemon and different moves.

Shauntal-main weaknesses are Ghost and Dark: If you mainly have ghost types you probably lose against Shauntal. Dark types aren't very effective against Marshal

Caitlin-main weaknesses are Bug, Ghost, and Dark: Bug and Dark types are not very effective against Marshal. Ghost types will probably lose against Shauntal

Grimsley-main weaknesses are Fighting and Bug: Fighting types are not effective against Shauntal and Bug types are not very effective against Marshal.

Marshal-only weaknesses are Flying and Psychic: Psychic types are not effective against Grimsley. (not sure about flying)

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Nope. GameFreak planned it this way. There is no way that they wouldn't have seen all these types have something different in common with each other. (ex. Marshal has its weakness to Psychic, strength against Dark, and (somewhat) neutrality to Ghost.) They're not stupid. They would've seen that. They probably wanted it that way.