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It's usually just Victory Road then the Elite 4 in the games. Why don't we get to battle in a stadium and win to get to the Elite 4?

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The elite four is hard enough and the PWT kinda did that all on it's own.

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But the PWT is its own event. Oh, well though.
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Because that's just how game freak wants it, plus it's easier to program where you battle the elite four, that to program a giant stadium. In the anime they have less restrictions so their free to do whatever they want, plus the presentation looks better in a stadium for the action packed show.
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They could easily have had a stadium similar to the PWT and have you battle random trainers. Maybe battle your rival in the finals.
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It's clearly obvious that the game and the show are completely different. The reason that Victory Road is game exclusive is that it makes the game more challenging for the player. Also the fact of the games series having a individual vibe going on, everything done is by the player's actions. One the other hand, the anime always had Ash having a group consisting of himself, Pikachu, a girl, and a cook traveling together. Having that group traveling a giant maze-like cave every time Ash was ready to face the E4 would be quite odd. A festival would negate the awkwardness of traveling through a giant maze-like cave (at least TV wise) and act as a filler and transition for the next season.

I hope I helped and made things a bit more clear.

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I know the differences from the show and the game. I would of found it better to just have the league and Victory Road in the game. Can't do anything about it though. Thanks for your answer.