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We all know that Giovanni is/was Gym Leader of Viridian City, but we also know that he is the leader of the infamous Team Rocket. How is a guy like that even allowed to even be a gym leader in the first place, let alone have his criminal deeds go ignored by the Pokemon League (if they even have that kind of power)? This also applies to the twisted Psychic gym leader whose idea of humor is turning challengers into dolls.

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It's a kid's show do you really need logic? ;)

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Anime answer
well right before ash goes to take on the battle frontier he is in viridian city and he finds the a member of the E4 is there acting as gym leader until a new one can be found implying the Giovanni was fired.

In-game answer

Red Breaks up team rocket and then Giovanni is replaced by Blue.

so it can be assumed that once the league get's hard evidence and proof they fire Giovanni and replace him, or he's a rich mafia with good lawyers who got tired of being gym leader.

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In the Pokémon Adventure Manga many gym leaders are afflicted to team rocket so maybe the Pokemon league has knowledge of this so they cover it up.