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I`m blatantly just curious on how far he actually got.

Pretty sure he's beaten the Elite Four before, in Hoenn I think

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Top 16 Indigo Conference
Top 8 Silver Conference
Top 8 Ever Grande Conference
Top 4 Lily of the Valley Conference
Top 8 Vertress Conference
Orange League Champion
Frontier Champion

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Ash got the runner-up position in the Lumiose Conference (XYZ) losing to Alain.
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Orange Islands

He won the Orange Island League and even beat the Battle Frontier.

I need to know how far he went in a pokemon league
He won and he was offered to be a frontoer brain
I meant in a pokemon league with 8 official gyms, not the battle frontier.
He's got all 8 badges I believe
I want to know how far he`s gotten in total, of all of the pokemon leagues he has entered, disregarding the battle frontier and orange island league, since I know he`s never won, but I want to know out of curiosity how far he`s even gone, such as top 8, top 4, y`know, the works.
I'm pretty sure in Sinnoh in Diamond and Pearl series.