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Like maybe if the franchise isn't doing so well they decide to some sort of flash froward type thing on the last episode. Sorry if it's a stupid question >_<

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Based on the current and previous themes, goals and audience of the show and the character of Ash, most likely not.
Note that this is all speculation since there is nothing revealed about the future of the show. Ash might just become a very complex, adult Bat-Pirate-Man on Jupiter in the next episode, but I will do my best to explain why one of these isn't likely to happen.

First of, the shows goal. In my eyes the shows goal is to be endless. By never changing anything, never have any overarching story, never developing the character or never putting anything at stake the show have been able to produce hundreds of episodes, and still sell well. (I've already gone over the details of this status quo here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/238719/can-someone-explain-this-whole-digimon-and-pokemon-thing). But how does the past of the show effect its future? Well, the show wasn't always about status quo, or endless. Originally there was only going to be one season, and the overall quality showed it. This is not nostalgia or genwuning on my part, in the first 80 episodes we have far more development and character than in the rest of the series combined. Sure it wasn't that lasting and it was mostly the Pokemon that developed, but there was something. That they abandoned this in favour of longlivety is certainly present in the later series. Ageing the characters would mean development and breaking the status quo. A new stalemate could be found but why risk it?

Then we have the target audience of the show, and the nature of Ash. As I brought up in the other question (in short, reference http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/238719/can-someone-explain-this-whole-digimon-and-pokemon-thing) Ash is supposed to be a avatar, a character for the viewer to project themselves onto, rather than being character on his own. Here the target audience is extremely important. The show is and have always been for kids, this have been true since its inception. Most of the time kids can handle change and more dynamic characters, but why risk the longlivety? If Ash were to grow up the core audience wouldn't be able to project as easily onto him. If the target audience were to grow up in any greater quantity Ash might grow up as to keep up with the trend, but as of now the target audience keeps Ash age the same as the audience.
What is also important to note is that the kids are the most profitable market for the shows. Certainly the games can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but the rest of the merchandise, toys, cards and so on are primarily bought by the younger audience. Ageing Ash would thus alienate the most profitable audience.

So in short, Ash is unlikely to age because it would break the longlivety of the show and alienate the core audience.

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>##Why is Ash still Ten years old?##
Ash is still about 10 years old because Cartoon characters don't age unless the writers want them to. Shows like the Simpsons also do the same. The show has been around for years, but remember that Ash isn't living, and isn't affected by time the way we are. Even if he did, the episodes aren't constantly happening, they usually came out once a week, meaning that 1 week=20-30 minutes for Ash. That wouldn't make any sense. He's as old as the writers make him. It's a very common literary ploy. You can have a birthday, but still not have the characters age in writing. It's a fictional universe after all, and the characters may not need to get older for the writer's intentions. Pokemon is far from the only series to use this writing technique.

This gem from DT here nails it like a carpenter on steroids (lulz, lame joke). Seriously, go through his answers; they answered a lot of Anime-based question I had when I was still new to this site and Pokemon in general!

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There are many theories about why ash ketchum does not age. The one that I accept is that he saw ho-oh and the unova and sinnoh pokedex say that the person who sees it is promised eternal happiness.

there are many other theories on this, and many videos on youtube.One big thory is the coma theory. every thing that happens is a dream.

This is a tv program for kids. Just check thhe videos and you will see