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Since Oak is Sammy and went back to his own time period at the end of the fourth movie, would he remember meeting Ash, Misty, and Brock?

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Sammy=Samuel Oak

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Yes Professor Oak most definitely remembers meeting Ash as a boy. If you listen real closely at the end of the film Professor Oak is flicking through his sketch book (you know the sketch book that he used to sketch Pokémon as a boy) and says:

"Hmm it seems like it happened only yesterday".

Because he still has the sketch book to this day and because of his smile you can tell the sketch book and memories of meeting Ash and Celebi are sentimental to him. He also sketched Ash's Pikachu and Celebi together sleeping when he was a boy.

This is a picture of Pikachu and Celebi that Professor Oak sketched as a boy:

Pikachu and Celebi Sketch Old

This is the same picture of Pikachu and Celebi when Professor Oak opens his old sketch book at the end of the film:

Pikachu and Celebi Sketch

Notice how time has left it's mark on the sketch book with the sketch of Pikachu and Celebi being slightly dim and faded. After looking at the sketch Professor Oak simply smiles and says "Hmm it seems like it happened only yesterday".

Professor Oak Smile

Professor Oak Smile 1

Source: Pokémon 4Ever - Celebi Voice of the Forest Movie

Hope I helped :)

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at the end of the movie oak says something like I know sammy will remember even though ash and friends never metioned his name so its is very likely that he remembers.
SOURCE: I watched the movie
EDIT: here is the end acording to bulbapedia: "Oak notices Ash's disheartened face and asks him what exactly is bringing him down, as he hasn't said a word since they began talking. Ash replies that it's because he made a really good friend, but now it seems they'll never see each other again. Professor Oak responds that true friendships can withstand the test of time and he's absolutely sure that he'll see Sam again and that even though they're separated, they'll be friends forever. Ash feels better from Oak's kind words and promises to tell him the full story when he returns to Pallet Town, and Oak remarks that he's looking forward to it.
After hanging up, Misty notices something: How could Professor Oak have known that the boy they met was named Sam if none of them mentioned this?"sorry if its too long

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Interesting..... They why did Prof. Oak treat Ash like a stranger in episode 1.
maybe he didnt want to affect the future?
False he wanted for ash to have pikachu to help shape him into who he was that day he met him
No beacause in first episode the time travel in movie 4 didnt happen yet so he wouldnt remember him until after the movie
How could it not have happened yet? If it didn't happen yet then prof. Oak wouldn't have existed in the future when ash met him. The movie was pulled out of their ass.
It's called the butterfly effect and since prof. Oak is a scientist I'm sure he understands this logical rule of time travel meaning more then like he didn't know until after the events in move 4 had happened and it was put into his memory because to the Sam in prof. Oaks time that ash is in might not of experienced what the same from the other time did that there is called multiverse theory