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is there a real expert tutorial?
4 days ago by SpookyTerrain
Omg yes karl senpai ilysm plz teach me
Sep 9 by ™ TY
Sep 8 by ™ TY
cute grav! i like shinx
Aug 30 by kuroyupii
Oh shoot, sorry for that. :/
I'll make sure to not pronounce your name like that again, eight hundred eighty nine plus one!

Lmao we should be the ones thanking you for your contributions to the site! So thank YOU!! :)
Aug 23 by -oPsydxck
Your name is pronounced KRLW eight hundred ninety, right?
Aug 23 by Cyberbear IV
I know I'm like 10 days late but happy 6 year anniversary! :)

Hmm... I'm not sure how to pronounce the numbers in your name. I think its eighty nine zero. Or maybe, eight hundred ninety. Or it could be eight nine zero, perhaps. You know what? Screw it! I'll just say them as eight eighty nine plus one. Seems about right to me! ;)
Aug 21 by -oPsydxck
Jul 25 by Hellfire Taco
Thank you, good luck to you as well <3
Jul 23 by Omega-Blade X
Hai. Happy 4th
Jul 4 by BeastMaster™