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I think I just want a sentence for each one, not an entire story. (listing their Pokebase usernames might help too) If this takes 6 hours to answer, then we probably have too many staffs. Please don't question my curiosity.

By any chance can I have voice? I did a lot of the work in bringing back tournaments and will probably do lots of hosting in the future.
Probably not by asking for it. Stay around the DB server more often and someone will eventually promote you.

Also being a voice is boring you can't do anything
I'm going to question your curiosity, why would anyone want to really know this?
yeah but you get the cool + next to your name to show the plebs whos boss
You can also start hangman games!

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This is an exhaustive list of our current auth. Each of these has auth because they are long-standing members of the community, and people who show an active interest in using the server.

~ pokemasterdb aka Pokemaster
~ admewn and mewderator aka Mewderator
~ psychicx1 and shiningyin aka Shining Yin
& fizzdb aka Fizz
& sempiternus aka Sempi
@ desokoro aka spbman1234
@ fresherthanyou aka PX
% aeternis aka Aeternis
% insylveonwetrust aka Kameko

There are also a few with Global Voice though Showdown doesn't consider these staff.

I'm going to update the DB server's thread with some stuff, since we look pretty different to how we used to.

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That's it? Did a ton of people get demoted or something?
Yeah, unless /auth is lying to me.
Not in charge of this myself; if you want the specifics you'd best contact Mew or Mike.
So the people with higher ranks are the ones who AFK there the most?
Now, some do. Since I have no idea how IAmYandereAF ever was a mod on it.
Yandere is an alt of someone who'd gotten auth on legitimate terms years ago.
And you generalise sumwun, but yeah pretty much.