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Every time I try to go on it, the lobby chat doesn't show up and for some reason, I can't click on "choose name." To be honest, it doesn't work on many other servers either. It is really annoying as basically everyone on this site goes on Showdown a lot more than here, especially some of the people I am friends with and are good to chat to. Showdown works fine on the laptop, but the only laptop in the whole house is my dad's (which he uses for work) so I can hardly ever go on the server.
Plz help!

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Showdown isn't really meant to support mobile devices but it can hold some such as iPhones and some tablets. It also depends on how old your phone is and what version it is. Seeing as you can't get on means it can't support showdown. Sorry either get a better devise or use the laptop more often :/

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Thanks for helping anyway :/
Mhm sorry though they are working on making showdown more mobile friendly.
Zarel is trying to make the servers more mobile friendly though, so just wait for a bit.