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Not to sound demanding or anything, but it's been (checks watch) 164 days since the last server update, meaning it was last updated on (checks calendar) October 24th of last year, about 20 days prior to Sword/Shield's release and Smogon's new metagames. There's been a group of about 4 of us on the server everyday playing gen 7 metas when we also wanna try out gen 8 too!

Pwease @pokemaster ;-;

Also people, dont just upvote, COMMENT! Say you want it

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listen you guys we really need to update the server to get those new metas and stuff it's very important to me
May as well mention here that we'd prefer to run our official DB tournaments using our own server, which is currently impossible since the server has no Gen 8 metagames.
Hi my name is Brotad and I support this message
Please, pokemaster. I don't do the db server because theres no gen 8. Update it please.

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Sorry for the delay! I've updated the server now.

I've also set up a new system to update the server automatically every day. Hopefully it works fine, I think you'll need to do the /hotpatch command from the chat to keep it up to date.

Obviously let me know if anything breaks!

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Praise Pokemaster!
We love you pokemaster