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When attempting to change my account password on the DB server, I get this message:

This happens regardless of whether or not I enter my old password correctly, what I want my new password to be, and the amount of time I have been signed in for. I can change my password without issue on the main Showdown server and otherwise use our server normally. Since this only occurs on the DB server I thought it might be worth reporting.

There have been other users mentioning a strange error message appearing for them, although I don't have an image of this so someone else would have to provide one. I believe there have been a few other minor errors.

Sorry if this is better off in the minor errors thread. I can move it there if it is not worth creating a new post simply because it is not regarding the main site like the rest of the thread.


not sure if this is the other error you're talking about, but I'll add that here as well. Don't know when it specifically comes up exactly though
Yes, that is the one. I can convert this to a general report for minor Showdown errors if you'd like me to edit it in.
Gonna hijack this thread to request an update for the server in general. There have been numerous tier movements since the last update, and this is still happening afaik:
That command error likes to occur when you're switching rooms, but sometimes it just appears at completely random times. Seems to happen once per refresh on the page to me.

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