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A few suggestions for the showdown server

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Okay, I have a few suggestions for pokemondatabase.psim.us
I don't really have any more stuff to say about what I'm doing, so here goes:

1. Moveset Command

I've had this idea for a while now. The idea is that if someone does !moveset, (pokemon name) or /moveset, (pokemon name) then it will show the most upvoted moveset from pokebase! I'll do an example. I'd copy/paste a moveset, but this computer will close out this tab if I open a new tab, so I'll make my own:

~Jellohamster: !moveset, Bouffalant
[email protected] berry
EVs: 252 Attack 252 HP 4 Defense
Ability: Reckless
• Head Charge
• Wild Charge
• Megahorn
• Earthquake

So, thats end of my first idea.

2. Spam Room

I'd use it alot.

3. Changeable Backgrounds

This would be so cool! I don't know if it's possible, but if so, in the settings there could be a button that if you click, it shows a list of backgrounds to choose from!

4. Pair up with a differant server

It would make more people visit our server :D

5. Multi-human Pm's

This would be cool. It's like a normal Pm, but there's more people! For example, if someone needed help with a team, then more than one person could help them. I don't really have any good examples, but it would be really fun!!!

6. Custom Tier

There can be a tier called "custom tier". If you choose that tier, there is a checklist of rules for the battle. I imagine it looking like this:

[] Allow Ubers
[] Allow OU
[] Allow UU
[] Allow RU
[] Allow NU
[] Allow LC
[] Allow Certain Types

      •If clicked, a checklist of all types pops up

[] Double Battle
[] Allow Hacked Moves
[] Allow Hacked Abilities

...okay, you get it. So... that's all, folks!!!
(P.S. I haven't posted on meta before, so If I did something I wasn't supposed to, then oops)

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theres a staff room so no number 5
Oh. Still it would be cool!
J'adore le spam room!
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