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The DB Showdown server has been down for 3 days now (I think it has been 3 days). I think the problem is that it haven't been updated, or just needs a restart. It had been up for a very long time without restarting before it went down.

Pokemaster can you restart it when you've got time? :3

I emailed PM yesterday, he tends to  check his email more frequently.
Alright good, should I just hide this then?
Nah, extra measure is always good.
And yeah, 50 days of uptime is not good for memory usage.
"50 Days of trachy"
50 shades of trachy

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Sorry for the delay, somehow I missed your email. I've updated Showdown to the latest version.

And I don't think it was a memory issue. If 50 days of uptime causes Showdown to run out of memory then they have a serious problem with memory leaks!

Edit: wait just remembered that my host were updating and rebooting all the servers over the past couple of weeks. I made sure to check PokemonDb when they did it but forgot that I would need to restart Showdown when they rebooted that server. Sorry :/

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Great :)