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I can't connect, no matter how long I wait. Is it just my computer being stupid (wouldn't be the first time), or is there some maintenance or something going on?

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There's an error with an old spam file lying around which has been affecting some of the commands such as /poof. I removed that spam file and all of the money scripts as we feel they are the areas which are causing the crash.
As soon as PM restarts the server should be up and ready to go.

As I'm answering this I'd like to thank everyone for their patience as there's only a minimum amount of bugging the Admins about the server at the moment. o3o

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I just checked the meta.. *facepalms* :P
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nothing is up with it...but everything is down. ba dum tss

no seriously. the server is down, it has been down for quite a while (about a week now) and im sure Pokemaster, Nindzya and Scizornician (the admins) are working to fix it (it might be Showdown's fault, not theirs).

so no, your computer isnt stupid and yes there is somehting going on

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