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So, the Pokemon are listed in their correct tiers, but for some Pokemon, it says they are listed in a higher tier. So, I created a moveset for Decidueye for Gen 8 NU. When I validate Decidueye, I get the following message:

Your team was rejected for the following reasons:
Decidueye is in RU, which is banned.

It shows that Decidueye is in the tier NU, but gets rejected because he/she is in a higher tier. This results in not being able to use Decidueye in NU, even though NU it the tier Decidueye is in for Gen 8.
There are probably some more Pokemon like this, where they are listed in a lower tier, then they get rejected when you validate them because they are in a higher tier, even though they belong in the lower tier.

Pokemaster, please update the DB-server! Decidueye belonging in RU is outdated.

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it's just the server being outdated
only pokemaster has the power to update the server

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For some reason the "hotpatch" command no longer works. It's possible to give access to certain IPs but it may be insecure. I will see if there is another command I can run directly from the server to hotpatch it when the code updates every day.

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