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PokemonDB Server update thread.

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Welcome to the Update thread for the DB server!
Here, me or another Admin will add all the updates the server has been through with the date so you can keep track with the new commands and scripts.

How this thread works.

Anything posted on this "question" is what has already happened. Anything that has been posted as an answer is what is going to happen. Once the update that was an answer has occured it will move to the list below. Can we only have server Admins posting answer and editing because we know what has changed.

Update calender

  • Thursday 19th September 2013: Custome avatars were added along side tournament scripts, /pickrandom, a Welcome message, /hideauth and an improved version of /dbinfo

  • Tuesday 19th December 2013: General maintenance and the server version was updated. /Imp was also added which is available to @ and above.

  • Thursday 16th January 2014: New CSS was applied to make the server resemble PokemonDb more.

  • Monday 26th January 2014: The Spamroom script was added and so was Scizbot.

  • Thursday 30th January 2014: Money was fixed and is now running. Also /declare and /imp are working again now.
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btw, /hideauth doesn't work for me.
And the welcome message is so annoying. Anyway to make it not show up every single time I log on?
The tour script.
When you change your name and lose, it says that your forfeit, but it doesn't dq you. You can keep changing your name and it will say you forfeit, but still no dq.
A couple of people have commented on the welcome message. Maybe I'll make it shorter and keep the current message to the /dbinfo command.
Stop being so intense on the scripts >:v
I'll try and add a user I'd tracker
Can't get on the server, what's the problem? ;-;

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