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Many of the users on this site, including me, have enjoyed AreWeFreshYet's competitive guide, however still some people lack basic knowledge on EVs, IVs, Nature's, Soft Resetting etc. Reading a guide on Competitive Battling is fine if you know about the basic things I mentioned above. So I think we should make a thread targeting these people in need of knowledge. That's all I really have to say, of anyone wants to ask me about my ideas, ask away. I can also hide this if any mod/auth says so.

Thanks for reading.

but this site has small pages that describe the basics of these things.
I guess those are decent, but guides like PokéRadar chaining  and other miscellaneous guides do not exist. The point is to collect them in one area. I hear what you're saying though.
That one area is called Bulbapedia.
That would be nice

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