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Well, about two hours ago I became eligible for Expert. (Wooohooooo :D)

Assuming my expertise is acceptable (:3), is there, like, a guide to editing posts? Since I'm seeing edit-worthy posts around the place but I just wanna make sure I don't 'over-edit'. Like how I over-answer, over-edit. :D

I'll ask a mod and if there sin't a guide maybe i can get together with a couple people to write one up.
There is no guide to being an expert. Its not even really authority, just the ability to edit posts. If you feel the post needs editing, then go ahead :) Apart from that you are not being relied on so don't think of it as a job but instead a sense of accomplishment. If you do see things that need to be edited however, please don't ignore it ;)


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Alright, I'll throw in a few things.

  • Edit anything that might confuse people. Grammar or format.
  • Charizard, Item Charizardite X, Ability Blaze, evs 252 atk 4 def 252 spd, moves outrage flare -blitz flamethrower fly

  • Things like any of Blob's posts with many spelling errors when the post looks really worked on. If the question is simple and readable, let it fly. Long things, fix them.

  • Question titles. Much more important than Grammar. Edit "Magneton question" into "Where can I train Magneton in Pearl for Defense EVs?"

I wouldn't actually promote someone for 6000 now, but you are definitely hard working around here, so I gave it to you. Don't make me second myself.

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iv nether spelt anythin rong evr?

Yeah I agree with that last point...
It took me a under a year to hit expert and I at the time was considered to be someone that got expert quick. With double the amount of users, votes go out for anything and people are hitting 10,000 in a matter on months
I wish PM would listen to us and just handpick users that are deemed worthy, so that it doesn't matter how many points, just on behavior and personality mixed with general knowledge...the points aren't hard to get anymore.
Thank you Ninja :3
@Recoded: Something that I found out  is that Expert means nothing. Its a pretty meaningless title that doesn't give any special perks. People don't really earn expert as there isn't any perks of being an expert :3 you may as well just try hit 6000 points and even then you will rarely ever use your editing powers. There are some experts that I'm pretty sure have not even touched the edit button. Expert grants no extra respect and is kind of a disappointment :P People hype it up to be so much more than it really is. If you want to work for something, go for editor but even then you still need to earn your points.

Expert is a meaningless rank which shows nothing more than the fact you have x amount of points. I could answer 800 questions and hit expert even if the quality lacked and half of it was wrong.
"There are some experts that I'm pretty sure have not even touched the edit button. " Um... yeah :P
"Don't make me second myself."

I am so tempted to correct that with an edit ._.
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I dunno any guides out there. =/ But can I write my personal opinion as a guide? :D?
There are more qualified people and everything than me but personally i'd just say as a 'guide', don't bother editing the questions and answers with a couple spelling mistakes or grammar errors. You'll probably be doing it to every second post then. Edit the ones which are barely readable or have broken links. Also convert the answers which are blatantly obvious to not answer the question, and if in doubt, pull out. :P

Gratz on Expert. o3o

Use your editing powers as a tool to fix bad questions; not to troll KOD

Trolling KoD is funner with silent edits

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:< Blobby D:
Lol xD
XD abuse Kod anyways
Sure, I won't troll KoD at all...
Dammit Blob now I wanna troll KoD >x(
Thanks. :D
I'm the ab00sed expert. >.>
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