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This is going to be a guide for all users as a reference to find notable NPC's, or places, or even events faster!
Let's create a guide together so that if we were to look for something in the main game series such as the Hidden Power person, we'd know where to find them and their location and stuff! Some of the things listed might be dailies, but there can also be stuff like the Heart Scale person and stuff. Please comment or answer to help add to the master list that I'll put down below so everything is easier to look for, but of course leave your answer so that it can at least be up-voted for having credit for contributing to this guide! It might need a lot of work, cause I am planning to cover ALL games with events (games like the Generation I & II games are ones where I have no knowledge of for example!) which is why I am asking all of you to help us all out!

. Use the shortcuts CTRL + F (Windows users) and Command + F (Mac users) to search for specific NPC's or places.
. If you are editing this, please try and keep it neat and descriptive enough to understand!

I will list the stuff I can remember for now and stop blabbering and taking up space at the top:

Pokemon Red and Blue

-Name-rater: Lavender town.

Pokemon Yellow (Special Pikachu edition)

-Name-rater: Lavender town.

Pokemon Gold and Silver


Pokemon Crystal


Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green


Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby

  • Name rater man: The name rater that is able to change your Pokemon's nickname (as long as it is under your Trainer ID) is located in a house to the west of the Pokemon center in Slateport City.

Pokemon Emerald

  • HM locations:
    . Cut: Talk to the woodcutter man in a house to the west side of Rustboro City.
    . Flash: Talk to a frightened man in Granite Cave in Dewford Cave.
    . Surf: After defeating the gym battle with your dad (Petalburg City), and Wally's father will reward you with it.
    . Rock Smash: Talk to a man in a house in Mauville City.
    . Strength: Break the rock in the cave next to Verdanturf Town using Rock Smash so some dude and a girl can rejoice, and he will reward you with the HM.
    . Waterfall: You will receive this HM by speaking with Wallace in Sootopolis City after the scene when Kyogre and Groudon stand there.
    . Dive: You will receive this HM after a battle when you team up with Steven in the Space Center when it is overtaken by Team Magma.
    . Fly: You will receive this HM after a battle with May near the Weather Institute next to Fortree City.
  • Hidden power type checker: A man in the Game Corner prize building in Celadon City, there will be a man that tells you what type your Pokemon's Hidden Power is.
  • Shoal Cave tides:
    . Low tide: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm to 3:00 am
    . High tide: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm and 3:00 am to 9:00 am
  • Name Rater guy: He is located in a house to the west of the Pokemon center in Slateport City.
  • Daily Lottery: Go to the department store to the north of Lilycove City and speak to the attendant on the first floor to participate in the lottery based on your Pokemon's trainer ID's.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

  • Move re-learner: Trade a Heart Scale to re-learn a move; he is located in a house to the right of the Pokemon Center in Pastoria City.

Pokemon Platinum

  • HM locations:
    . Cut: Cynthia gives it to you in Eterna city after you beat Gardenia.
    . Fly: In the Team Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone city.
    . Surf: Cynthia's Grandma gives it to you in Celestic town.
    . Strength: When you go to Iron-island a lady who is blocking the cave gives it you.
    . De-fog: The Solaceon ruins at the bottom.
    . Rock smash: A hiker in a cave in Oreborough city gives it too you after you beat Roark.
    . Waterfall: Jasmine gives it to you in Sunny-shore city after you beat Volkner.
    . Rock climb: On route 217 near a house use the dowsing machine to find it.
  • Name-rater: Eterna city in one of the big buildings.
  • Hidden-power type checker: Veilstone city in the building where you redeem coins.
  • Daily-lottery: Jubilife-city in the TV station building.
  • Move-tutors: 1 in the Pastora city swamp, 1 in Snowpoint city, 1 on a mountain right above the Battle Area.
  • Move-re-learner: in Pastora city south-east of the Pokemon-center.
  • Move-deleter: Canalave city just south of the Pokemon center.

* Due to an 8000 character limit on a question, I will split Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver in two separate answers to this question.

If you have some additions to the Pokemon B/W/HG/SS games, comment on those answers, but you can still answer this question for suggestions to the other games.

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What does NPC even stand for?
Non-Playing Character.
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hmm... For the games where flash is usable, add where you can buy flash.

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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

  • Heart scale teacher: In Blackthorn City in a house to the west side of town.
  • Move deleter: In Blackthorn City in a house to the west side of town.
  • Name-rater: In Lavender town in the tent house.
  • Daily Lottery: In the radio tower to the northwest side of Goldenrod City.
  • Daily Seal case giveaway: In the left house of two houses to the east side of town next to the lighthouse in Olivine City. In the house, she is the little girl to the left. If you have yet to receive the Seal Case, you can get it by help feeding the Miltank in the Moomoo farm in Route 38.
  • Weekly rematch with Rival: Every Monday and Wednesday, you will be able to rematch your rival at the Indigo Plateau after some point in the game when you walk up the stairs.
  • Bug Catching Contest: Join the bug catching contest in the Natinal Park every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • New Vocabulary words old man: Speak to an old man in a house with the use of the HM Cut at Route 16.
  • HM Locations:
    . Rock Smash: You can obtain this HM from a man near the "funky looking tree" on Route 36 near Violet City.
    . Cut: You can get this by capturing all of the loose Farfetch'd and the owner will reward you with the HM.
    . Surf: You receive this by visiting Ecruteak City and helping out one of the Kimono girls in the house north of the Pokemon center from a Team Rocket member.
    . Strength: A hiker will give this HM to you on Route 42 by a cave.
    . Fly: After you defeat Morty of the Cianwood City gym, his wife will give you the HM.
    . Whirlpool: In the Team Rocket hideout of Mahagony Town, Lance will reward you with the HM after you defeat the Team Rocket boss and beat the Electrodes.
    . Waterfall: You can get this HM item min the Ice Cave as an alternative direction from the first slippery ice puzzle.
  • Buena's Password: A radio program featuring Buena on the Variety Channel of the Pokegear that plays on a various times of the day. If you remember the password she mentions and go to talk to her in the Radio Tower of Goldenrod City, she will reward you with one point every time. The prizes for the required amount of points are as follows:
    . Poke Ball (1 Point)
    . Full Restore (3 Points)
    . Protein (5 Points)
    . Iron (10 Points)
    . Carbos (15 Points)
    . Nugget (20 Points)
    . Rare Candy (25 Points)
    . HP Up (30 Point)
  • Barber haircut brothers: These two brothers will give your Pokemon haircuts, which increase their happiness. The only differences between the two brothers are as follows:
    . Younger brother: Haircut costs $300 and gives some happiness. (He is available Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.)
    . Older brother: Haircut costs $500 and gives more happiness than the younger brother does. (He is available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.)
  • Herb Shop: The herb shop sells items similar to those sold in Pokemarts, but are much cheaper (with the only side effect being bitter). The herb shop is located in the underground tunnel of Goldenrod City and only available every Saturday and Sunday.
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Pokemon Black and White

  • Daily Sports dome trainer battles: To the north of Nimbasa City are two sports domes, where you're able to battle a variety of different trainers everyday (the trainer's Pokemon levels range around the Lv. 60s, so be prepared). You will only be able to battle inside both courts during the morning and afternoon times.
  • Royal Unova cruise: After obtaining the national Pokedex, you will be granted access to this ship where you pay a small fee of $1000 to be able to enter and battle various trainers, as well as speak to many other NPC's.
  • Weekly rematch with Bianca: After defeating the Elite Four once, you will be able to rematch Bianca once every Saturday and Sunday in Professor Juniper's lab in Nuvema Town.
  • Special Casteliacone: You can purchase a special Casteliacone item from a pink shop in one of the alleys of Castelia City every Tuesday during every time of year, except for Winter where they are closed.
  • Anville Town lost&found items: Every once in a while, an NPC cleans the subways and finds a variety of useful items for you to keep in the house of the south west side of Anville Town.
  • Daily fossil giveaway from Fossil man: In a cave in Twist Mountain (which is located at a lower level entrance of the map, which is easily accessed during the Winter time where you can travel down the snow), there is a man standing against a wall and he will give you and random fossil everyday.
  • Hidden power type checker: In the Pokemon center of Mistralton City, there is a man that will tell you the type of your Pokemon's Hidden Power.
  • HM locations:
    . Cut: A girl will give you this HM after you defeat the gym in Striaton City.
    . Strength: In a building to the northwest of the Pokemon center, speak to a man to get it.
    . Fly: You will receive this HM from Bianca when you defeat her in the battle on Route 6.
    . Surf: You will receive this HM from Cheren when you defeat him in the battle on Twist Mountain.
    . Waterfall: You can get this HM near a patch of grass in the west corner of Route 18.
    . Dive: Speak to a girl walking around near the Pokemon center in Undella Town.
  • Name Rater guy: He is located in a building that is in one of the street ways towards the back of Castelia City.
  • Element Pledge move tutor: A man in a house to the south east side of Driftveil town will teach your starter Pokemon the moves Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge if they are happy.
  • Happiness checker: This girl is located in the Pokemon Fan Club house to the west of Iccirus City.
  • Battle with Cynthia: You can battle Cynthia (champion of the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games) in Undella town, and you can rematch her daily only during the Spring time.
  • Battle with Cheren: You can rematch your other rival Cheren in one of the caves of Victory Road near the exit leading to the Elite Four.
  • Props dude: A man in a house in Opelucid City will give you one prop everyday with a maximum of five for the Pokemon Musical show.
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Driftveil town(Pledge tutor)
Cynthia: Undella town, first house to the right from the pokecenter, 1st battle anytime, rematch in spring only.

Cheren rematch: Victory road, near the exit leading to the E4
I've already had the Pledge Tutors down, but you reminded me to include which town it was in, so thankss!
add bianca: reamtch, saturdays and sundays only, prof juniper's lab.
I already added that.
prop man: a man in a house in opelucid city will give you 5 props for the musical, one per day.
where do you get strength