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I'm pretty sure this is definitely one of those things that would work perfectly for a thread, but for now l'd like to start it here at least if possible?
I want to start a question thread where everyone can contribute helpful tips to the game, (similar to the hundred answer+ move combo question) however this will be for more general tips so people can play the game a little easier or save some time just knowing some things.
For example here's my tip:

When you're catching Dittos at a Friend Safari, and looking into seeing the Pokemon's IVs, rather than taking 6 out into your party and talking to the guy in-game to find out the perfect IVs, follow this pattern l noticed so you don't have to talk to him ever again (unless you want to know overall IVs)

Lv 30 Dittos stats with 31 IVs
HP: 78
All other stats: 38/43/47 (decreasing nature/neutral nature/increasing nature)

Now you can just go to your box and mark the perfect IVs accordingly without having to talk to the guy each time.

Do you think this would be an okay thread to start? My only hope is that people don't post obvious tips that 99% of people know about such as using Flame Body for hatching eggs, unless they elaborate past that. Please let me know your thoughts!
(and if a mod wants to hide this because it's silly, feel free to do so)

Well I know this super cool method called the Masuda Method... it's [...] and that's why it's super cool! :D

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The Q&A format isn't really set up for this kind of thing. It would be hard to dig down and find all the useful tips. And like you said, having lots of really simple tips like Flame Body wouldn't be all that useful.

For most things, the regular Q&A can help just fine. There are already questions about Flame Body. Or someone could ask "is there a faster way to check IVs?" for which your post there would be the answer.

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Alright thanks!
l will just wait until forums get here than!