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Most people already do this anyway, but I just want it to be a compulsory thing. Because when people change their names, I have no idea who anyone is, and I normally refer to the name changing thread when I want to know who is who.

When people don't post there and change their name, it takes me a while to figure out who the person is. This is especially annoying if I don't know what their profile normally looks like.

Or a compromise, Pokemaster or one of the mods or whatever can make a post showing all the users' previous names and their new names with the '??? --> ???' format. Also, if this suggestion ends up happening and is instead worked with some coding magic (so it happens automatically) this can detect users who are repeatedly changing their names.

Just do somethiiiing. :c

I thought it already was compulsory, people just don't post. :/
Why isn't this implemented in the first place? To me it feels like new users just got points fast.

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