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The basic rules of the site could be seen here, but these are just unwritten rules to follow that make people more satisfied, and less inclined to vote you down. These are only my suggestions, and not solid rules.


  • While not a direct requirement, try not to ask questions that can be looked up easily. Things like "what is aqua jet's base power?" Could easily be looked up on the main site here. While the site says any question is fair, it's easy to tell which are legitimate questions, and which ones are there to try and get votes.
  • Please word your questions so that they give specific information in the title. If your question is "where is Tm 59 located," please don't title your question as "TM question." this is very vague and doesn't give much information. Even if you put it in the description, it's easier to have it in the title so people can see it.
  • If you are answering, it's helpful to give a source backing up your information. That said, don't just post a quote from something as a complete answer.
    -Try not to answer a question that already has an answer unless the answer currently there is incorrect or if you are plenty more information with your answer. Of course, this does not apply whatsoever to opinion type questions.


  • Don't bug pokemaster with "why did I lose points" "this user is being disruptive" or "[user] is spamming." If There's an issue with the points where you are continiously being voted down, then you can bring it up, but don't post every time you see something wrongfully voted down. Better yet, vote it up yourself, and things will work out.
    If there is a problem with a user, take it with a moderator first. If the problem continues, then we'll deal with the matter accordingly.
  • If you have a legitimate suggestion, that's fine. Since the points on the meta have no value, the voting can be based on your opinion of the suggestion. This helps give a good view of what people think of it, though remember that pokemaster makes the final decision.
  • If you have a question concerning a tournament, rather than making a new post here on the meta, make a comment on the information question for the tournament, that way everything is in one place, and we don't have a bunch of random questions about it.

Rate my Team

  • Be Respectful of people's choices. Telling them "this pokemon sucks" or, "you have no idea how battling works" is rude and unnecessary. If you make suggestions, keep in mind a user isn't gonna like your answer as much if you insult them.
  • Please don't answer the question if you only have about two suggestions. Telling them "this set is good" is just flattery, not a suggestion. If you really like their set, or have small suggestions that don't warrant an answer, then make a comment instead. It doesn't help to have an answer with only small suggestions.
  • Don't get overly upset if somebody isn't completely satisfied with your answer. The rate my team section is more subjective than the questions on the pokebase, and as a result, when you answer, you are at the mercy of the person asking the question.
  • If you are unhappy with an answer, but it is still legitimate, please add "[unresolved]" at the end of your question to let other people know. If the answer doesn't give many good suggestions, then it can be made into a comment so as to give a new answer, while still having the original suggestions available.
  • When asking a question, please be sure to note what kind of tiers (if any) you're battling with. It makes it easier for people to know what they can work with.
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all of what you wrote is true listin to this man people!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it would also be good if those with the power to hide posts or whatnot, would leave a reason as to why they are doing so. This way if the poster broke a rule they realize it and are less likely to do so again.
Who would I ask about a topic I'd like to post and its place if it's not clear within the rules where it would belong?
Go on chat and ask someone. There's bound to be a someone there who knows.
Basic ettiquite is often left out.  Nice to remind us

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Yes, excellent points. Some of this is already in the rules although maybe not explained clearly enough. I think I'll add some of this to the rules directly...

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He has points alright.
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