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pokemaster and all others who know how to do what i want i got a little diffrent question :

how to film a pokemon battle with good view i mean lots of rookies upload battle vids to get a little more known and to get more people to battle them through youtube but some upload bad vids like for E.G the camera allways moves bad sound and you cant see the screen very well cuz of the lighting but some vids are good and i really want to learn how to film in good quality so people cpuld get imperssed

so i hope this question is ok and if anyone is uploading battles to youtube please give me a link and also a few tips for good filming :D

thanks and i hope my question is ok :)

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please dont film my bad loss against you
no worries i wont
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If you want a fair-quality video, you'll need a few things:

Nice camera:
A good camera with fair quality could cost you a couple-hundred dollars. You could find one on Ebay for like, 70 bucks though, which is decent. 12-16 Megapixels and 720p-1080p resolution will make your recorded battle look REALLY good!

Camera Tripod / makeshift stand:
Use a camera tripod or some kind of stand made of boxes to keep your camera from shaking in your hand. This also grants you use of both hands. This is probably the most important part of making your video look good.

lamps / lighting (Optional):
Lamps are a great way of giving light, in case your shot is filming the whole DS, rather than just the screens. This is optional, but is worth a mention.

If you want the cheapest financial investment possible, go to a home appliance store or an office supplies depot (Staples, for example), and buy a little desk lamp. Take a piece of paper and tape it over the bulb, to drown out some of the light. Do a few practice shots with the light in different places in the room until you find a nice angle. Lighting is essential to making a nice video, as it makes them easierto see,and lighting can even remove the bars and flickering on the screen, if done right. Yay!

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I think most people use an emulator so that they get the direct feed from the game, which is not possible with the DS. Then they use some screen-recording software. I dunno how the wifi and stuff works with emulators though.

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