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To add a link to your post, it is good enough to simply paste the URL into your post. For example, here is a link to the front page of PokemonDB:

What you're probably here for, though, is hyperlinking. This lets you put a link onto custom text, like so: Wikipedia article on Junichi Masuda. Below are some options for how to hyperlink. Note that hyperlinking doesn't work in comments or wall posts, and all links are disabled on your account page (e.g. "About me").

Option 1 (easiest and best)

Contain the text you want to link inside [ ] cornered braces, then immediately after this, put the link to the webpage inside normal brackets ( ). For example, this...

[PokemonDB front page](

...does this: PokemonDB front page

Option 2 (most intuitive)

Press the blue planet icon above the question/answer box. A popup will appear. Paste the web address into the popup and press OK. This will automatically generate the link and give you space to type the linked text.

Do not erase the markup this creates or the link will not work. Make sure there is space above the [1]: that gets generated, or the link will not work.

Option 3 (HTML)

Use the <a> HTML tag. For example, this...

<a href="">Link to PokemonDB front page</a>

...does this: Link to PokemonDB front page

Option 4 (recursive)

4.1: If you want to put the same link in your post multiple times, there is a way to avoid repeating the link using Markdown. For example, this...

My favourite Pokedex is [PokemonDB]. You can visit PokeBase on [PokemonDB].


...does this: My favourite Pokedex is PokemonDB. You can visit PokeBase on PokemonDB.

4.2: If you want to use the same link with different linked text, you can do this...

[Pokemon Database][pokemondb] is a website, shortened as [PokemonDB][pokemondb].

[pokemondb]: do this: Pokemon Database is a website, shortened as PokemonDB.

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Do you mean like this
Or do you mean like this?

Well either way all you need is the Url of the website which is found at the top (Web address) click it and that will highlight it then simply copy it by using Ctrl C.
Ctrl V to paste the link into your answer/question.
But otherwise you can press Ctrl L (or the icon with the globe next to the Italic button)
And then a box will come up simply paste the Url into that box.
Then you should have something similar to this enter link description here.
Simply delete the text and customize it like this Cat rolling in Money

You can also select some text before clicking the link button. Then it automatically links that text instead of putting the "enter link description here" thing.