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Something like this, but including GB and GBC games.
If there are such things, feel free to send me a link. Thank you.

EDIT: I asked the question in the main section.
26.VII.2015 UPDATE: This video is really great.

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With very minor rewording this could just as well go on the Pokebase as a normal question. There's really no need to dedicate a page on the DB when it could be done so much easier as a regular question.
Welp. DD just posted something new. I didn't know you well but it's still freaking awesome as heck to see you again, good sir. A load of people here would probably wanna catch up with you again sometime.

Also I don't think many people are going to read, use or care about that, nevermind writing one when a couple words into google and a page link on some random pokebase question would be enough forever.

Still, awesome to see you again. How's life been treating you? (I know you don't know me but it's still nice to ask :p)
I was gonna just ask for original GSC photos, but I figured this could be better. If actually done.

I just finished my finals, now I will now go abroad for a month to research obesity. So cool. You?

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Good idea. (I updated the title by the way.)