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I'm sorry this is so late first of all, my college schedule has freed up quite a bit now, so here we are at last.

A point came up some time ago about creating basic competitive battling guides in order to improve the quality of competitive related posts like the RMT and to provide a new, fresh resource in generally that has been requested and would be useful. I wasn't originally going to do this myself but it fell upon me so here I am.

I have written 3 prototype guides that I believe could suffice as grounds to build upon. These guides are unfinalised and can be worked over and improved upon should it be requested.

Pokemon Database Battling Basics ~ Issue #1 - Introduction
Pokemon Database Battling Basics ~ Issue #2 - How To Build A Pokemon Part 1
Pokemon Database Battling Basics ~ Issue #3 - How To Build A Pokemon Part 2

These are the prototypes. They're semi-long to read but they're not huge, so please do read if you can.

The 'Battling Basics' series has a placeholder of around 15-20 articles, but can be shortened or lengthened up to about 40. I do plan to do other series irrelevant of whether or not this one is liked/approved.

The format/host of the articles is up for discussion. We can use anything from Pastebin to Quotev to Wattpad to Pirate Pad to Reddit. I'd prefer not to write the articles individually on this site (as in per question) because each one would require it's own post, which I'd prefer not to do. Some suggestions on which one I should write on would be helpful!

Constructive criticism is always appreciated, and I'd love to hear what you guys think and what I could change. But please don't just say 'this sucks' or 'ur bad!', that doesn't help.

I'd be interested if anyone else wants to write alongside me. Extra writers would mean more articles released quicker. Alternatively, anyone who wants to read the articles and tell me/edit any mistakes or poorly worded parts would be just as appreciated to improve quality.

Thanks for reading!

Writers: AreWeFreshYet?, ItsGuillotine,
Proofreaders: Doctor Disco, alpharuby
Pending: Sir Mudkip, Poke'Slash

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Will have my own update tomorrow with complete guides + 2 more new guides. I'll also get an update from guillotine about how his is going.
Well here's the draft I promised:
Hopefully you can look it over!
I'll be willing to contribute to a TCG Deck Build guide any time! Just don't catch me on a bad day :P
So we can catch you on a good day? What Poke ball would you prefer to be caught in?
Dream Ball or Master Ball, Please :P

(actually, now I've thought about it) a Heavy Ball and Beast Ball will also suffice.

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