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Hey there, I'm currently working on a Pokemon emulator.
Yea, I do know I'm not supposed to ask anything related to Pokemon Online RPG, but I'm working on it, so I don't see there's even a forum for me to post this in.

The thing is, I need all the images of all the pokemons, but probably only up to Generation IV.
As in both male and female. Well, I could copy the images one by one, but i would take a heck-load of time.
I'm wondering if the owner of the site / admins / anyone who has access to the images, send me the images?

But anyway, my contact is [email protected], feel free to add me on MSN / send me an email.
Oh, and if you'd like to help out. Feel free to add me too.

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Enter the name of the pokemon you want (no brackets of course) and you'll find a vault of images there, including the moving ones if you want. There are also plenty of sprite galleries online, just google "pokemon sprite gallery" and you shouldn't have too much trouble with it, though I'm not sure how many moving sprite galleries there are.

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I never got round to offering a big download of stuff on this site. But there are plenty of places to get sprites: (click snapshot on the right) (animated)

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We have back and front sprites of all Pokemon but they're not animated.

I'm probably consider one of the most crappiest users of the site but we do have a sprites gallery hope I helped everybody has access to them in other stuff :P

Tysonyoshi, dont say you are the crappiest user here. Its a lie and you are putting yourself down. Everyone knows Soulheart is the crappiest!
Xerie said he didn't want to go downloading everything one at a time.