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What would be cool was if a new user (a user with a low amount of points maybe) posts a question they will automatically be redirected to the rules page (maybe on another tab). so then they have no excuse for not reading the rules.
Yeah, that would be good :] A sort of filtering thing, right?

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@All new users: Read this if you want to know how to add Pictures and Hyperlinks!

enter image description here


Alright, here I will show you how you add pictures into your answers and questions to make them look better! Read on.

1) Select the image you want. (If you are on Google Images/Yahoo/Bing whatever, make sure you go on the screen with the full pic. So click on the picture.)

2) Copy the image. (You "Right Click and click on Copy Link Address". This means you have copied the picture's web page.

3) Come back to the PokeBase and go to your answer. Look just above the answer/question, where there are loads of icons. Click the one next to "{ }", the square with the green inside of it. Click on that.

4) Now enter the link. In the space where it says "http://", paste (Ctrl + V or Right Click and click on Paste) in the link space.

5) Now press "OK", and it will come up with a box like "![enter text here]" don't put anything in the space. Now look below and you will see the picture has come up.

OU Teams!

^ Click on it.


1) Look in the web address of the page you are looking at. Copy this link, by either "Ctrl + C" or "Right Click then click on Copy".

2) Go to the DB. Now look at your answer/question. Click on the icon above that is next to the "italics" (The globe icon).

3) Paste the link in the space. Paste (look above) into the http:// area, then press "OK".

4) You will now see "![Enter text here]. Type whatever you want in the Enter Text here.

Welcome in advance :D

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I can't help but be amused that your logic for fixing the fact that there are 3 guides to picture formatting is writing a 4th one >.>
lol Flare, I would think we have enough of these already >.<