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So when I go to put a picture in my answer/question using the insert image tool, my image doesn't appear, either in preview or when I post the answer!


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I meant if you could edit this question so that we can view the Markdown text. The edit could be adding a word or character, so long as it is slightly different. The edit button is next to the flag button on this post, if that is what you are asking. :P
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I removed the [1] before
I think it's not showing up because your link is a link to the page that the image is on, and not a direct link to the image url. Should fix this. Next time, right click on the picture and press "open image in new tab" and use that URL.
Also, use the syntax ![image description here](image link here) because it's cleaner to look at. I'd recommend an HTML method even more, but you'd have more trouble with that if you can't do the main one.
Also, do not remove the [1] or any other code that is generated by the image button. You need to keep the code because it's what the computer is checking for when you link an image. If it's not there, then your image will not load.

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You are using the wrong link. You need to do Cmd/Ctrl+G than paste the image address. You are not doing that.

The link you would want is to get:

I'm on a phone
That shouldn't make the answer any different.
It would make the way of getting the image different, a particularly helpful or useful answer might include a basic way of doing this on phone if possible, although such is not mandatory.
The main problem was that they were trying to link a web page, not the image itself. Right click the image then click "copy image address". Or on mobile you can touch and hold and select copy from the menu.