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There are several links on the site such as the HM Slave Page and such that you usually can't find or have to find by entering it in the URL bar.
So, I suggest that in "Other Stuff", there's a link that says "Other Links" and it gives a full page of any other page not linked there.


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Most pages can be found within a couple of clicks. The page you are referring to can be found in two ways.

The original version (for gen 4) is linked from the "Moves" page, the "Pokemon HM table" link on the left. The updated version for gen 5 is linked from the pages "Black & White" and "Black 2 & White 2", the menu on the right.

So having another page for "other links" isn't going to get you there quicker! But I should put the gen 4 version on the other game pages (Diamond/Pearl etc) though.

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