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Credit for the idea goes to Arewefreshyet.
>I'm not necessarily talking about huge guides and in depth tactics, just things to bring people up to speed competitively. Smogon has a habit of guiding people in specific areas within tiers within usability within tactics. These are very useful and informative...if that guide is exactly what you need to know, which often it isn't. Smogon doesn't have many guides on, say, how to predict, or why certain types of Pokemon are used over others, or why two pokemon of the same type often isn't a good idea, or why some Pokemon are used more often than others. Things that we assume any player knows when often they don't. We can do this easily.

He didn't want to ask it himself, and Doctor Disco let me do it.
Anyway, I've seen some posts on RMT. They're terrible. They force me to spend up to 15 minutes writing an answer explaining why they shouldn't do what they did. Why can't we just do it once and get it over with? Here are some things that are important for competitors that many noobs don't get:

Avoid using mixed attackers unless you really know what you're doing because you can boost your Pokemon's power more by pooling EVs into one attack stat and either speed or HP.
If you aren't using a mixed attacker, it's almost always a good idea to go according to the Pokemon's higher attack stat. In other words, don't use physical Blissey.
2-turn moves are almost always not viable as they offer a free switch.
It's usually a bad idea to have two attacks of the same type. You only have so many slots for coverage moves.
Try not to have too many Pokemon with similar typing or stat spreads. This can cause one foe to easily sweep your team.
Normal attacks don't cover any weaknesses. Try not to use them unless you get STAB.
Do not give leftovers to Pokemon that aren't bulky. 1/16 of their HP per turn helps them much less than the times 1.3 boost from life orb, times 1.5 boost from choice items, or times 1.5 speed boost from choice scarf.
Please suggest more in comments. The guide should also include the most recognized format for movesets.

If this does go into effect, make a rule saying that people should read this guide before posting on RMT.

EDIT: I made something on Pastebin that I think the guide should look like.

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Like I said, these are just prototypes. I want people who are better than me to write the guides for the entire RMT.
Sorry for being late as hell, I've had way more work than I thought I would for school. I'll have a post concerning this topic again sometime this week (possibly tomorrow/wednesday), that's a promise.
Skipper, by now I'm beginning to think you don't even know demat's current username now xD
By the way is there anyway I can help too? Not at the moment, but sometime in the future?
Thanks again for posting that thread.

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It's in the works/pending/might happen. Here's the proposition and sample articles by Fresh.

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