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Below are the rules in the rule page.

Chat is more relaxed and informal so lowercase and shorthand is fine
here, as long as it's understandable.

Respect others' opinions: Debating is fine, but everyone's different
and likes different things.

Don't post personal information: This includes email addresses, real
addresses, phone numbers or other personally-identifiable information.
(Vague locations like countries/states/cities are fine.) Remember, the
chat room is essentially a public forum that anyone can access. In addition, please avoid posting pictures of your personal self.

Don't get mad if no one responds: If you are looking for
trades/battles, then usually people will simply not reply if they
don't want to trade/battle, rather than everyone saying no.

Don't spam: Don't post junk comments/spam; this includes posting the
same thing over and over.

Simple, right? Apparently not.

Nuberator and NotANinja have brought you a guide. Follow it.

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Added one that I will kick for, because it is perhaps my greatest hate. Give F'ing spoiler warnings people and stop trying to ruin entertainment for others.
A few this you might want to add:
- Linking others to websites that may cause trouble, like ROM and Emulator-download sites or sites that may contain viruses.
- Raging and swearing at other people. Also demanding people to do something is really irritating. I see a lot of "Answer my question now" in chat.

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For these type of guides, can you post the guide itself as an answer? So you just have the main "question" in the question and you answered it yourself. Just saves things being left unanswered, thanks :)
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  • Chat! You can chat about almost anything on our chat-room.

  • Respect other's opinions. This is a must. If it means, dropping the convo, do so. If things get out of hand, that is a kick. Nuff said.

  • Learn from your mistakes. If a mod kicks you, it is in your best interest to figure out why. If this means asking why you were kicked, do so politely. If you decide not to find out in a peaceful manner, the Moderators/Editors will kick again.


  • Spam. SPAM is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Basically posting annoying content.


    User123 seconds ago battle me
    User123 seconds ago battle me
    User123 seconds ago battle me
    User123 seconds ago E
    User123 seconds ago M
    User123 seconds ago E
    User123 seconds ago L
    User123 seconds ago T
    User123 seconds ago T
    User123 seconds ago A
    User123 seconds ago B
    User123 seconds ago
    User123 seconds ago
    User123 seconds ago

  • This includes constantly posting single phrases at once.

  • TALK IN ALL CAPS. Remeber Dialga, from Explorers of Time? "BLAH BLAH" "Stop yelling, jeez" If you talk in CAPS twice, that is pretty much a kick. The occasional CAPS is fine, but we consider CAPS a form of unnecessary yelling. Do not do the following, as it pisses off every mod. Especially DT.

User123 seconds ago I JUST FOUND A SHNY POKOMAN
OtherUser123 seconds ago ok then
User123 seconds ago srry caps

  • Roleplay... Go to Showdown. One single warning.

  • Post personal information. Mommy and Daddy always told you when you little. There are bad people. Don't post your Phone #, EMail, Credit Card info, etc. Some people can take that.

  • Constantly request Trades / Battles: A lot of people on here don't play on console, constantly asking them to battle / trade is only going to piss them off. Most users on the site have Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Online; you can ask to battle on those instead, although there are no guarantees.

  • This also includes attacking others for denying it.

  • Talk about controversial stuff. This means Religion, Politics, Relationships. None of it is welcome, it will just cause arguments. We've had situations like this before, and bans are inacted, if the conversation begins to go for the worst.

  • Sexual shenanigans and that jazz is annoying, Ninja will warn you once.

  • Beg for attention. This means "Hey guise, I'm leaving u because your all jerks" ... 5 minutes later... "Hey guys, I'm gonna stay" or just begging for people to talk to you. (Don't be a pest)

  • This also includes spamming your questions, demanding answers. This is pretty annoying.

  • Use excessive vulgarity. This means swearing excessively. Swearing is generally fine, because the site is 13+. However, no none wants to see 7 different slangs in one post. Using as an insult is a kick.

  • Use racism. Any form is a kick without warning.

  • Spoil recent books, movies, TV shows, or video games without warning. trachy will kick you for this. And he will do it multiple times. And he will take pleasure in it. Just because the rest of the internet is blowing up over Empire Strikes Back, Half-Blood Prince, or the Red Wedding, doesn't mean it is welcome. If you want to say, be sure to warn people.

  • F'ING ASK "WHY WAS I BANNED (When you were kicked)" This is annoying as hell. Eventually, we'll just kick you for this at some point.

Doing ANY of these is a warning if we are feeling generous. Kick mostly.

Note: Level of offense is up to said kicker and/or moderator. Questioners will be hunted and fed to wolves.

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Note: Level of offense is up to said kicker and/or moderator. Questioners will be hunted and fed to wolves.
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Fathom, roleplaying are actions like *Dances* or *Loads a sniper*
A guy named "gligay" on showdown keeps saying "**** you terlor" and then leaving, can you ban him?
This isn't the thread for asking people to be banned.

completely unrelated but god I was ******* obnoxious in 2013