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Why is getting banned from the Site and getting banned from Chat differentiated upon?

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I've asked this question before, but I decided to hide it, after I went back and realized that I was misunderstood, and that I didn't phrase the question correctly.

The thing is, that I've noticed that when you get temporarily banned from chat, it is called kicking, rather than a 'ban' for both. It's an issue that has been bothering for nearly a year now. I'd just like to know the reasoning behind the differentiation of terms, rather than a clarification, as my older question implied.

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Since im not a mod/editor i cant answer, but it seems pretty obvious that the temporary kick from chat is more of a warning than a "ban".
If someone gets kicked from chat only to then go to the Q&A/Meta/RMT sections and spam/harass there they will definitely get perma banned.
Kicking is only being banned from chat for 10 minutes, but you can still go on other areas.
Banning is being banned from the whole entire Pokebase for 24 hours, if not more.
I see a reason to differentiate. xD
@Terlor: If you know the answer then you are more than welcome to post it. You don't need to be editor+ to do that ;)
Your question still isn't 100% clear (for me); do you mean:
1. what's the difference between the two?
2. in what situations are the two used?
neither. I am asking why there is a difference in the terms, not what is the difference. I get that a ban from chat is generaly shorter, and a ban from the website is generally longer, but otherwise, there's no difference.
Interesting point. I've never seen it that way before.
I get that, and all, but it's still the same thing, technically. They both involve restricting the access of a user to the site, whether it be the whole thing or a part.
They aren't the same. Think about it. The clue is in the name...

Kick: You get kicked out of a place. Doesn't mean you can't get back in, just means they don't want you there.

Ban: Remember it like this, another British term is being barred. If you are barred, they don't even want you back.

Don't think of them as two different version of the same event, rather, two separate things altogether. They aren't different types of bans. One's a ban, one's a kick,

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Well first off a "ban" from the chat only lasts 10 minutes and you can then come back on. It also only lasts for the chat which means you can access the community part of the site freely. It was stated before that it gets rather annoying when users confuse a ban with a kick as there is a difference in the two.

A actual Ban

Alright so here is when if you log in you cannot do anything on the community part of the site. Also bans last much longer than 10 minutes and can range from a day, a few hours, or permanently. Bans are only used as a last resort if the user gets out of hand. You are blocked from certain pages such as the chat and cannot post on anything during your ban time.

Well and more questions or concerns post in the comments. Because that's all I remember from a kick vs. a ban.

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The short version: Kicking not permanent and banning varies. Also in some rule post thingy trachy/Ninja will probably kick you if you confuse the two. I forgot if that's true or not so don't take my word for it
Fair enough.