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I am deeply grateful for my recent promotion to Expert status; but now I also want to put this status to good use.
I ask of mods and other experts (as well as Pokemaster), what will it take to become a good editor?

What is necessary to be edited? What isn't?
What types of edits should be made, and which should be ignored?

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This will by far make you a better expert.
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I think one our most important jobs is too turn answers into comments. Example if a newer answer does not add much to an older one then it should be a comment. Or if the answer is a thank you message then it should be a comment. Also correcting spelling and grammar. It is ok to leave some errors, like things left there on purpose for a joke of some kind, but most should be corrected so it will be easier to read.

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OK here's a few pointers! This is all I can think of right now but I'll add more later if I remember anything.

Turning answers into comments

If someone replies to another answer (or to a comment) by posting an answer, it should be made a comment. For example people saying "thanks".

Just click "edit" on the answer and there is a checkbox to convert to a comment. Choose the right post from the drop down - it's normally auto selected but you may want to move the comment to under the question instead of answer.

Editing questions

Questions should have decent titles so you know what it's about before clicking on it. For example "EV question" isn't good because it's not clear, but "Does the Macho Brace increase EVs?" would be better.

If a question is really badly written then it should be cleaned up if possible. Often we get people typing things like:

my team is charizard iron tail earthquake flamethrower magikarp splash flail hyper beam

It should be more like:

My team is:
Charizard - Iron Tail, Earthquake, Flamethrower
Magikarp - Slash, Flail, Hyper Beam

Doesn't need to be fancy with bullet points or anything, just a few line breaks and commas makes a big difference. Rewriting stuff into perfect sentences would take forever on here ;)

And tags can be edited too. If someone asks about a specific game or Pokemon, it should have that as a tag, e.g. heartgold or pikachu or quick-claw.

Editing answers

This is less common (apart from converting to comments as above). If there is an answer that has good content but is badly written, has lots of spelling mistakes, or is one long run-on sentence, you can edit it to add formatting.

Normally it's not worth the hassle to edit answers because someone else wrote a better answer. So just vote that one up :)

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Alrighty this helped a lot! Thank you! :)
Magikarp Use Hyper beam!!
Gyarados used Splash XD