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I suggest changing things up a bit.

For Experts, make it 5000 points. These people deserve it. Halcyonic Falcon, Sam Sam Sam Sam, Mew, all great members. The Expert status can be entrusted to these people.

Make Editors into a new category (bringing it back I should say). This goes to our non-Moderator people of 10000 points or more. Pretty much it would give them all the powers of Moderators except for the ability to ban and make people Experts. So these people can now hide/show things and give/remove best answer.

And for moderators, they would stay as your hand-picked members. However, you would add to our abilities making people editors because it is a point thing. Also, because more people would be able to hide things, you might want to give Moderators access to the recently hidden page or whatever it is (comment if you are unsure of what I am talking about). I trust all of them to be able to hide stuff that needs hidden, but everybody makes mistakes. And I still want it for my own mistakes.

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So the Mods can pick Experts even if they don't have enough points?
Yeah we can, but we generally do not do that.
I think it will depend whether or not Pokemaster needs these new roles/people to maintain the site.
Trachy, I'm going to put this in the most polite way I can.
We don't NEED anymore freaking experts!
The only thing we currently need, is people who can hide things, and ban people.
This would just inch around that.
I Agree with J98. First, Will is not active at all, which is a basic waste of a power. The Editor Idea is not very good because it is basically a upgraded Expert. We have Enough Experts. We need a few more Mods that are active, not who are on only at Night. So I disagree with the Expert and Editor idea. Simply, WE NEED MORE MODS
The More Mods the Merrier :D
PB and J for the Mods!

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Yes I've thought about lowering the points barrier for Experts/Editors so I might do that soon. Except you made a ton of people Experts already so they can edit things, right? (PS: I didn't mind you doing that but next time can you double check with me first? Thanks.)

As for mods that is a possibility but the newest version of the Q&A software will have closing (locking) abilities so I'll wait and see what we can do with that. I may be able to give everyone over 10,000 points the ability to lock any question, but not delete it (at least not straight away).

Actually, they were unmade experts because I didn't check in with you. So I should re-expert them?