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Apparently, not all of them are listed on their user pages, such as access to an "Admin" button and banning people. What is the "Admin" button, anyway?


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  • Both editors and mods can access the 'Admin' section of the site. In this section you have all those posts that are in need of approval, and they have to sit down and approve/reject worthy posts. Admin also shows lists of recently flagged/ hidden posts.

  • Both editors and mods can 'kick' or automatically send you out of chat, on grounds of misbehaviour

  • Both mods and editors can hide/show posts

  • Both mods and editors can de-flag posts

  • Only mods can issue bans

  • Only mods can manually promote you to expert (they do so for every user that hits 6000 points)

  • Only mods can select best answer to any question

  • Only mods can silent edit (make edits to a post without a notification appearing for it)

  • Only mods can view your IP address

  • Only mods can view when you last logged in (to track activity)

  • Only mods can see special user lists, which includes users with special interests (eg.- other mods, editors, experts)

Aside from this, they also have the general editing powers experts have. That should be it, as far as I know, but feel free to call me out on any thing here.

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I made some little changes to this, hope you don't mind! Mods can also see some things others can't, eg. last login and special user lists.
Nah sure, go ahead. But this sure is the first time I ever heard about the 'last login' and 'special user list' part. Especially not the latter, what are those?
They can see the date you last logged into the site to track activity. Special users are users with interest, i.e mods, editors, experts. Not sure if it counts banned users either. Basically they can sought the userlist by member type.
Ah I see. Funny how I never realized this in all the time I've been here. That does count as a privilege too, though, so should I be including it in?