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I've finally got around to making some changes to the mods and editors here. We had several inactive Editors so I've decided to drop them down to Expert for now and promote some new blood. Most promotions are members from time zones east of America, so this should help in issues getting resolved much more quickly.

Let me first thank Ninja and anyone else who has been regularly pressing for these changes, and for everyone suggesting and vouching for other members.

Fizz has been promoted to Moderator. There are a few guidelines here that should be useful. In short, use your powers as a last resort :)

fondant and Sempiternus have also been promoted to Editors. Here are some guidelines for approving/rejecting posts.

The following members have been demoted: Will, Blobyolo, Josh, Swampert, Speed freak. They are known good users so if they become active again they may be reinstated.

I am not sure about adding more Editors right now. The others suggested - $tarPower and Aeternis - actually don't appear to be very active right now. Let's see how the new promotions go. I'm considering running an "election" where members nominate themselves and we vote on who we want... but that could go horribly wrong :D

YAS! Congrats to the new editors and moderator! It's nice seeing these people getting rewarded for their contribution to the site. :)
Congrats! I've been waiting for Fizz to become Mod!! :DD
Way to go guys! You all deserve it :D

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Congrats Fizz, fondant, and Sempi.

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Congrats yeah.
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Congratulations, Sempiternus, Fondant and Fizz!

You guys seem a little new to the site, so let me show you all how it works.

You see, this isn't a normal forum. People here ask Pokemon related questions, and quick intuative people (most of the time) answer them for you!

For example, a question could be "What animal is Scrafty based on". The answer is human!

There are 3 sections to this forum.

The Pokebase is where most questions are asked. This is where any Pokemon-related QUESTION goes.

Meta, standing for Macho Elephants Take Advil, is where questions about the site are asked. Find an error in our expansive database? Post it here!

The Battle Subway is where people can go to get their competitive teams looked at.

There are also a few other sections, such as the Chat room where people can go to chat about Pokemon, life, or anything really.

I hope you guys have a great time at the Pokemon database!


Thank you, person that has been here for 1 year less than me. That was very informative and I did not know any of that. Gosh. Golly. How would I survive without such handy tips.

I must place them in my key items pocket and register them on my Y button so I am always aided by them.
Thank you, Fondant!

I hope you take these tips to heart <3
Thank you for the information Scraf-Senpai!!
I will remember this!!!!
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The 3 day later report

You guys are doing awesome!
I'm really feeling those new Editors with approving posts. I used to come home from school everyday and see upwards of 10 or 15 posts on pokebase waiting to be approved, and anywhere from 5-10 on Battle Subway. Now though, I'll be lucky to find one or two >.<
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But seriously, you guys are doing great. Keep up the good work!

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Disappointed there is no "breaking news".
^It's okay, there will be; I'm aiming for Brian Williams' job.
Came home to nothing needing approval today.
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Why are you so lazy? You're obligated to do your hobby every single day for us.

Kidding. Sorry I've been pressuring you so much, I've just needed a break.

Congrats to our new staff!

Aeternis and StarPower are on the server everyday and check in on the site

About the new idea, I'm all for it. But I think the vote should be kept to Editor+ as lots of people will just vote for their friends. But hey, that's just one opinion :]

That small print though.
Yeah, the vote should be Editor+. I would say Expert+ but then people would vote for themselves :P
Editor+ for voting for sure.  There are a lot of buddyvoters.
How about holding an election to see who gets to be in the election, and another election decide who's allowed to  vote in either election?

"Sup bro, I heard you like elections..."

In all seriousness, I highly rate the idea, Editors+ vote (now we have more of them it's possible, if it goes wrong it'll just be scraped so no harm done.