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Suggestion: Add a list of the Active (posted something in the last thirty days) Experts, Editors and Moderators to the Welcome/Initial rules page, (you know, that page you are SUPPOSED to read before you do anything)
or a link to one.

It might be helpful for newer users, to let them know who's in charge if they need to ask a question, but don't want to ask it through the site. It could be useful for older users, too. They could check the list to see who has been active recently, and try to get in touch with them.

I don't know how useful this would be in practice, but it seems weird that we don't have a list for these guys somewhere.

If we do, tell me where it is, please. I can't find one.

Works with me. Thanks!
I try and come here even if I do nothing :D?
I do think this is a good idea but I feel the Activity page gives a good indication for now.
I think the admin page is censored so new users don't know who to avoid; if they knew they would cause trouble when admin aren't around... I think that's the reason anyway.
But they could literally just go to people's profiles and check to see if it says editor/mod or not. I don't think that'd be the reason as people still could just find out and avoid auth, it'd just take longer.
Even if they do cause problems, most other users report it. They would still get kicked or banned.

The activity pages kinda work, but the main issue there is they aren't connected. Activity by a user must be checked in the corresponding section. My main request here was a single resource for all of the active "statused" users... they would only be on the list if they had done something recently.

So, yeah. Basically a combined activity page.

Again, I have no Idea if this would have any real practical use.
Well, it could have practical use if some mods/editors leave and we need to judge if we need more or not.

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